Being Brandi Amanda

Being Brandi Amanda:
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Who is Brandi Amanda?
Well let me introduce myself.
First things first, I guess I should say that I’m pretty dang lucky. I have several jobs I love to work, I just graduated, I know (for now) the direction my life is heading, I am surrounded by great friends and family, and I can make one heck of a dish. I have blogged before, and often, with a blog called Good Morning and Shine, until I lost artistic inspiration. Then my energy and efforts turned towards talking about my culture and community, which also arubtly ended due to my lack of money and time to go out into my community. I currently don’t have the means to write about different restaurants and events that happen in my little world of the corner. A Brush of Southern is still up and running, but is currently on heitus until my life slows down and I have evening to actually enjoy my community. Until then, it sits there, waiting patiently.
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A part of what has slowed me down when it comes to writing before is the fact that whenever I wrote for both of these blogs, my topic of conversation would always come back to what creativity was happening in my life. As a DIY lover, a serious crocheter, a theatre teacher, an English teacher, and a writer, I often do something creative everyday, as per words of wisdom from my beloved high school theatre teacher. On Good Morning and Shine, instead of writing about positivity, like I intended that blog to be about, I wrote about my cooking and crafts. On a Brush of Southern, the blog quickly simmered out when there was no clear purpose for me to write about creativity.
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Even as a child, the need to make has always been a controlling passion in my life. I would rather sew a dress as a little girl than watch TV. Still today the ideal night of a night would include my rocking chair, some tea, a crochet pattern, and Downton Abbey. A day where I get to cook or bake for someone is a great day. Instead of getting dressed up and going to the bars, I would rather get dressed up to go to the theater (when I’m not directing my own shows). You better believe all of my Christmas gifts are homemade.
So here is an inside look to an old soul, hot mess of a life and a place for me to share my creativity, stories, and adventures.


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