Merry Christmas


Major photo props to my best friend, Sarah, at Pretty Pixels Photography!

It’s Christmas Day and I’m sitting curled up in my electric blanket surrounded in the midst of crafts, a mess from Modpodge, wrapping paper left overs, and of course yarn scraps. This last week I have crocheted so much that I could probably clothe the entire Weasley family. From boot cuffs to bowties to Star Wars-inspired hats (patterns for that one soon to come), to scarves to hats to ear warmers I have jokingly told all of my friends that I’ve been working in Santa’s sweatshop.


Some people have told me that I’m talented. Many tell me I’m creative. My response? You have to be when you’re broke!

Lucky for me I have a few crafty bones in my body, and people seem to enjoy my handmade gifts. No one is excluded…including my father, who always kids around with me that I’m a fifty year old “knitting” old lady. Okay, so this may have been a gag gift for him, but its still homemade!

One thing is for certain: this year due to lack of gift funds I have learned a lesson. Christmas isn’t about getting presents. Its not even about giving presents.


Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus, who then gave the ultimate sacrifice. Although history shows that he was not literally born during this time of the year, Christmas is our culture’s designated time to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Yesterday my church hosted a Christmas service to encourage not only praise for Christ but also to encourage peace through Him for our community. 2015  has been rough on my little corner of the world, a year where we lost two dispatchers and a lot of crime has occurred. For me personally, I grew up a lot and saw the world in a different way. Although there are many evils in this world and corruption, I am reminded that after this life I have a better place waiting for me, with a forgiving God with open arms that I can spend eternity with, all because his Son came to Earth.

That is why I celebrate Christmas, surrounded by all of my family in love.

I hope somewhere out there you are celebrating Christmas with your loved ones as well, for one reason or another.

Merry Christmas everyone.




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