New Years Resolution: Balance


It is New Years Eve and I snug under my (or Cody’s) electric blanket and enjoying some Downton Abbey. For some people this may seem like a boring way to end 2015, but to me this is much needed. Later I will go out to a low key dinner with friends and tomorrow I will spend the day cleaning and packing for vacation next week.

As I sit here and ponder in between episodes, I am trying to look back and reflect on 2015.


I began 2015 on a beach in South Carolina. Not long after I went on a cruise with Cody. By far the first two weeks of 2015 was the best of the year. The spring semester of college was a breeze when I had to take a lot of gen ed requirements I had passed up freshmen year. Because Communications 100 was so easy, I finally was at liberty to begin writing for myself again. During the big snow here in Kentucky in February I started up Good Morning and Shine. The next several months I juggled it, working at the acting school, and doing another part time job at a retail store. Regardless of all of these commitments, my days were slow and simple.


Summer rolled around and I split my time between my jobs and preparing for the big storm that was to come: student teaching. I waited with apprehension for the upcoming months I knew would prove difficult for me.

I was correct.


Going into August I left behind my retail job behind with hopes of relieving some stress and time for myself. I was only going to work at the acting school and student teach.

Then I was offered a position as a dance team coach at the middle school, about twenty minutes away from where I lived. An amazing opportunity, although I had told myself that I was going to take it easy this semester, I couldn’t pass it up.

I have to say my experience with student teaching was a valuable gem in my college career. I had a fantastic experience at a wonderful school. However, the transition into working a full time job, along with keeping other jobs proved less than easy. For several weeks straight I found myself not being able to take care of myself I had so much on my plate. My house was a mess, my car was a wreck, I was scatter brained, and constantly stressed. I went from appointment to appointment, not making time for myself, much less friends. Don’t get my wrong, I love all of the things I do, but perhaps I loved it all a little too much.

My choice of fashion during 2015: hobo chic

With a successful semester of student teaching under my belt, I finally graduated and here I am: still reeling from the chaos of the year.


Heading into 2016, I am looking forward to a lot. This next semester I plan to substitute teach. Then in Autumn I pray to find a career. This year I’m really growing up. Along the way I have a lot of projects I want to pursue, ideas I want to see put into reality, but on top of all of my passions 2016 I’m going to focus on one thing more than anything else: balance.

If it were such a thing to pick one word for the ambience of the year, I would pick the word balance. This year it is my New Year’s resolution to maintain a steady balance between all parts of my life. I want to feel put together as I go into the real world. There’s not a lot in this life I can control, but if there is one thing I can do, it is walk into adulthood confidently. Between work, my hobbies, my appearance, my spiritual life, and my fitness, balance is what I am striving to achieve.

Of course I have other goals for each part of my life. In 2016 I want to become closer to God. I want to get a career. I want to look nice. For my job as a theatre teacher I want to grow in improving the aesthetic appearances in my shows. Online I want to grow my brand and expand it.

So here’s to a great year, and hope for an even better new year! Stay safe out there!

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