Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

 I love cooking.

I think I have always been a secret chef, as a child cooking recipes my picky family would find gross. It wasn’t until I got my first apartment that I found I actually really enjoy cooking…and I’m kind of good at it!

In previous blog, Good Morning and Shine (now known as A Brush of Southern) I shared recipes I tried out quite a lot. You can find them here!

One of the cooking supplies that I had always wanted to own throughout my cooking adventures was a full size crock pot. I owned a little one, given to me by my mom, but it was not ideal for cooking with most recipes.

Finally, this Christmas I was gifted one from Cody’s mom. And it was red to match my kitchen, no less!


The first recipe I tried out in my new crock pot was one that I have been wanting to make for a while, but just wouldn’t work in my tiny crock pot. This video from the mouth-watering channel Tasty Food has been floating around my timeline for a couple of months.

Slow cooker fajita chicken is just as easy and just as delicious as the video seems!


For this recipe all I needed was bell peppers, taco seasoning powder, chicken, an onion and diced tomatoes. The other stuff was what I wanted. This recipe can be healthy but without the sour cream and tons of tortillas where’s the fun in that?

Here is how I followed the video.

First I diced up two large peppers and an onion. I separated this mix of veggies and layered half of it at the bottom of my crock pot. Then I added half a can of diced tomatoes on top of the bottom layer.


Next came the chicken.


I usually use taco seasoning with ground beef, but chicken and taco season turned out to be a yummy combo! To add some flavor to it I added a little Italian seasoning and some basil. An important detail to note was flipping the chicken to season on both sides for more flavor.

After that I added the rest of the veggies on top and let it sit for about four hours on low. That’s the beauty of a crock pot! Then tada!



As the Youtube channel says, “Tasty!”

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