Snow Day Crochet Project


Regardless of the many times my friends and family have teased me about my yarn collection, that I have lovingly left in Cody’s spare bedroom, I am now grateful for my little stash.

The first winter storm of the season has hit central Kentucky. In it’s wake practically the whole state has shut down. No cars on the road, businesses everywhere have shut their doors, and the bread aisles are completely picked over.

It has been snowing nonstop for four hours and according to the radar its not going to let up anytime soon.

As a partial homebody I am pretty okay being snowed in with a cup of coffee in hand, Netflix playing, and supplies for plenty of projects.

What I am working on right now actually is a very special project because finally Cody has requested a crocheted good for himself!

Can anyone guess what it is? Pattern to come soon during what I believe may be a couple snow days.


Do you have a snow day? If so how are you spending it?


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