Harry Potter Scarf Pattern

Ever since I have known Cody, although he has always supported my love of crocheting, he has always endearingly teased me about how much I love gifting crocheted goods. Therefore I have never crocheted anything for him…until now.

Earlier this month (when it was actually temperate outside) Cody and I packed with ten other friends and trooped down to Orlando and stayed in a vacation home for a week. We did it all. Disney World two days in a row, a day to relax around the house, but my favorite day: Harry Potter World!


As a Harry Potter fan, this was a dream come true. The moment I passed through Kings Cross and stepped into Diagon Alley, it felt like had actually stepped onto the pages of Sorcerer’s Stone. Ollivanders, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Magical Menagerie, and more all lined up. I could picture Hagrid giving Harry Hedwig right in front of Ollivanders!

When we went into Quality Quidditch Supplies we were looking through some merchandise and some of my friends went crazy over the Quidditch Scarves, just as seen in the movies.


Cody picked on up, glanced over it, set it down, and proclaimed, “I’m not getting this. Brandi can make one almost exactly like it.” A little prided swelled up in me because I took it as a compliment of some sorts, but then I forgot about it.

A week after we got home Cody was trying his Hogwarts robes, he mentioned how cool it would be if I made him a Quidditch scarf.

I have made several of these before, so making one would be no big deal, but the request within itself was very special. Finally Cody wanted something crocheted!

With the winter storm shutting Kentucky down, I just so happened to grab what I needed for the project. Nothing like some snow day crochet!

Here is the simple, straightforward pattern I used to get a look alike.

Harry Potter Inspired Scarf

  • maroon/scarlet medium worsted weight yarn
  • gold medium worst weight yarn
  • Size 5mm crochet hook
  • scissors
  • patience

When picking the yarn colors, you can either go with the book-true Gryffindor colors (scarlet and gold) but I chose colors closer to the movie to help match Cody’s robes (maroon and gold). I used I Love This Yarn! from Hobby Lobby because of the soft texture and the perfect colors I was going for (Aubergine and Sungold).

This pattern is very straightforward. The stitches you need to know are only double crochet (DC) and half double crochet (HDC). You often have to change colors so this is where the patience is needed. Change of colors=many ends to weave in. My advice is to weave in ends as you go so after you are done with the scarf, you can just enjoy it.


This pattern repeats itself in between *** and *** ten times. Of course you can make the scarf longer or shorter, depending on your preference! Then there’s always the possibility of using other house colors, such as blue and bronze for Ravenclaw or green and silver for Slytherin!

Ch 27.


Maroon yarn

Row 1: From 2 chains from loop, DC in each chain across. Turn your work. (25 stitches)

Row 2-10: DC in every stitch (25)

Here is the first of many color changes. When I work with changing colors, I always finish the last stitch of the row, and then on the other end I start the other color. This avoids an obvious color change transition and creates clean stripes. In the picture below I’m pointing the the end of the last row before the color  change. You can see I’m starting the new color on the opposite end.


Gold yarn

Row 11: DC in each stitch. Turn your work. (25)

Row 12: HDC in each stitch. Turn your work. (25)

Maroon yarn

Row 13: DC in each stitch. Turn your work. (25)

Row 14: HDC in each stitch. Turn your work. (25)

Gold yarn

Row 15: DC in each stitch. Turn your work. (25)

Row 16: HDC in each stitch. Turn your work. (25)


IMG_1715 (2)

Repeat between the *** and *** ten times, or for however long or short you would like your scarf to be!



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