Man there have been a whole lot of “life” posts on here lately, rather than creative. Hopefully that will soon change.
Change. Something that you can embrace, disregard, or run the opposite way from screaming. As a twenty three year old whose biggest adventures have been week long vacations, change terrifies me. It means risking comfortability.
A couple of Friday nights ago I looked around myself and felt content. Living with my sister is messy, but fun, I have a doting boyfriend, my friends are some of the best I’ve ever known, and my family loves me so much. I mean sure, there are frustrations in my life. My apartment is usually a mess, I always run out of time for what I want to do, and although subbing is a good gig, the weather made it inconsistent.
On Saturday I received an email informing me my Praxis scores were posted. The Praxis is a test everyone, at least in Kentucky, has to pass in order to be a certified teacher. The first time I took it I was shy just three points of passing the test in my English Content Praxis. A month later I attempted the test again, not any more confident than I was the previous time. Turns out I passed the test by almost 15 points.
On Monday I got to work and in a down moment found out about a job posting in Cody’s hometown, Middlesboro. Middlesboro is a small town in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, a crater once made by a giant meteor. I sent his mom (who I am very close to) a quick text, asking about the job. A few hours later and some more phone calls, I decided I would apply for the job.

On Tuesday school was canceled because of snow, so I went down to Cody’s hometown with Dad driving his four wheel truck. He wanted to be sure I was safe…that’s what dads are good for. After going to the school, meeting the principal of the middle school, and completing some paperwork, to make a long story short that day I left Middlesboro with a job.


Let me say it again, I got the job! I started working at the beginning of the next week, the Tuesday after Valentines Day.

Since then my life has been a tornado of moving, planning, driving a whole lot, and teaching. There has been much laughter, many tears, and a bunch of new insights about life and growing up that I’ve gained.

Cody’s mother has graciously decided to open her home to me, which makes this transition smoother for me. I’ve never lived outside of my hometown, nor have I never taught full time. This is a big jump for me, and some people may wonder why I would move from one small town to a smaller town.


When the job opportunity opened up for me, I felt an unworldly urge to pursue it. After praying about it more, I was confident that God wanted me to make this move.


A part of me thinks that perhaps this is an opportunity to work on myself and my relationship with Him. A part of me wonders if this His way of telling me to slow down and focusing on Him instead of all of the jobs I have committed to.  I’m not going to pretend like I completely understand God’s will, but that doesn’t give me an excuse to ignore his command. Look at how that ended with Jonah. Making the move without Cody, coming into a classroom in the middle of the year, and living away from my family has not been easy, but it is worth being obedient.


Not to mention the whole slew of stories about my adventures of driving between my hometown and my new home. I decided that although I would move down there, there were some commitments I wanted to see through, so I have had to commute back and forth quite a lot in the past couple of weeks. With the drive (about 4 hours round way) there have been many stories to come along with it. Like how my car got stuck in a snow storm on the way down there, the speeding ticket I got in town one day, how my car quit, Dad got me a safer car to drive, and how several times I’ve had to pull over on the side of the road to sleep on the drive. Those are perhaps stories for a different time though.

I can truthfully say that although the path is not easy, I am happy and feel a reassuring peace. I love my class and I’m adjusting to my new life just fine. I expect after this weekend, when I am finished with dance team and my last production at Spotlight Acting School for a little while (which makes a sad), my life will calm down and hopefully I can enjoy living in the mountains a little more.

What that means for this blog is a little unclear to me. I still plan on sharing my creative projects, hopefully even more often than what I originally had been doing. Living deep in the mountains certainly gives me a lot of inspiration. However now my career and working on my spiritual walk, obviously has my full focus. After this weekend, I will have a better grasp on how my “normal life” will be.




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