Crochet, House of Cards, and Teaching

It’s been a hot second since I’m posted so I thought I would send out an update. For those of you that did not know, I have moved and am now a full time teacher!

This past weekend I finished the last little bit of my prior commitments in my hometown so my focus has shifted to my new home. Isn’t it funny that having a full time job is going to seem like a break to me? When I was working three part time jobs at once it felt like I never got a second to breathe. Now I am actually beginning to pace myself. Tonight I went to my school’s softball game and now I’m actually going to get into the new season of House of Cards as I grade and crochet.

I’m starting a new chunky scarf pattern (if any of my crafty friends were wondering), just in case we get another cold front through Kentucky.

Or maybe I’m just not ready for crochet season to be over with.

I love working with this chunky Wool Ease Thick n Quick from Lions Brand. I will share the results soon!

On another hand I look around. My outfit is picked out for tomorrow, a wreath for my door is made, my lessons are planned for the rest of the week, and this weekend I can focus on just enjoying myself.

Aaaaaah…living the life.

Teaching is tough. It’s definitely not an easy job, like many people assume. For my experience I am learning really quickly about the difference between working with high schoolers and middle schoolers. Once I thought I would never be able to work with middle schoolers. However, it is totally completely worth it. I love my students, the school, and my coworkers. It turns out I am really enjoying middle school. Perhaps this is where I’m meant to be. Taking this leap of faith was a little risky but it ended up being worth it!

Every morning my ride to school consists of a prayer to God that He use me to show His love and grace through me. There is one song that particularly inspires me. This big move has made me rely on Him in more ways that I could have ever imagined. It’s a new beginning and just like the song says, it’s Day One of the rest of my life.

I am so blessed.

However, for the moment my guilty pleasure calls. If anyone spoils anything with House of Cards you won’t see the happy side of me you do now. Can’t wait to catch up on what is happening with Francis and Claire after a year’s wait! Aaaah!


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