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The past several weeks of my life have been very full of action and change. I have survived being stranded in a snow storm on the interstate, commuting 4 hours everyday to finish up some prior commitments, moving to a new place (which I love), and taking on a teaching job mid-year. And five days a week I teach 6th grade Language Arts–that alone is an accomplishment within itself.

Throughout this time there have been many challenges and hiccups, but at the end of the day I can hardly count all of my blessings there are so many. And I’m so wiped out. I couldn’t have done these past few weeks without Jesus and coffee. I really feel like I have grown as a person and I’ve got a strong footing in what they call “adulthood.” That being said, although it is not necessarily the “adult” thing to do, this weekend I treated myself.

I know this is a creative blog, however the official name is Brandi Amanda so I kind of feel the power to throw in a little something different every once in a while. Shopping this weekend I wracked up on so many deals I couldn’t help but share.From Sephora to TJ Maxx to Adorabelles I really made my rounds. Here are some of the finds I made this weekend.


It used to be that no makeup was my favorite makeup. Then about a year ago Sephora moved into our local JCPenney. From there it was all history. I’m not the next makeup artist sensation but if I’m going to wear makeup I’m going to do it the Sephora way…I mean the right way.
1. Tarteist Contour Palette  (Sephora at JCPenney)

This palette has been in my sights for a little while after I decided to try my hand at something new in my makeup game. Since Tarte carries my all time favorite foundation, I knew when I wanted to up my makeup game that I had to look through that brand first. I was not disappointed. Pulling the palette out of the box I think my eyes started watering from the shine. The buy was almost worth it just from the looks of the compact itself. What’s inside is even better. This palette has very matte colors, which I particularly like because I’m a big fan of neutral colors.


So pretty!
2.  Roller Last Benefit Mascara (Sephora at JCPenney)

The final days of my department store mascara are finally here. This was a compulsive buy, but since I just finished out the last of my mascara I’ve been using the last couple of years, I thought now would be the right time to try something new. I’ve heard only the best feedback about this brand, so I’m giving it a go. I decided on a travel size to see how I like it before making a commitment to the full size. First impression: I’m a little head over heels for the long lash detail it gives.


3.  EOS Chapstick (Micheals)

This is what Cody and I called the “egg.” For some reason it really bothers him that it’s not shaped like a regular chapstick, but it works so well he can’t resist to borrow it sometimes. Much like my mascara, I have been long overdue for new chapstick. My last “egg” lasted over a year and a half. Surprisingly I got a new one up at Micheals when I was picking up some yarn. I even got to use my coupon on it! Despite it only costing $2.53, in my opinion this chapstick beats all other chapsticks. My lips feel refreshed and smooth for hours and it doesn’t clog my pores. Plus it’s so cute!

4.  Ollie & Olivia Contour Brush Set (TJ Maxx)

I was super excited to get these brushes at a steal. Since I am trying my hand at contouring with the Tarteist pallete I had to equip myself with some special brushes! This was one of those TJ Maxx finds that TJ Maxx is good for. Originally this set of brushes was $27, but I grabbed it on sale for $12. Ollie and Olivia brand is one I have never heard of, however the brushes seem like they will serve their purpose just fine.


5. TrueBeauty Lavender Makeup Wipes (TJ Maxx)

Nothing soothes me down more than the scent of lavender. These wipes are so rejuvenating! Not only do they smell good, they’re also extremely moisturizing. Maybe this was an impulse buy as well, but it was definitely worth it. Plus a girl can never have too many makeup wipes!


Okay let’s be real. I didn’t actually need these things until I actually saw them, but then I really really did.
1. Leggings (Adorabelles)

There is a boutique in Richmond, KY that I’m partially obsessed with. I could probably spend every cent I own in this store, and a few times I’ve come close. These leggings are a “one size fit all.” After I bought the first pair it was downhill from there. They’re so soft and comfortable that I wish I have a pair in every color.


2. No Coffee No Workee Mug (Adorabelles)

This mug pretty much summed up my Spring Forward Monday. Actually it pretty much sums up my life. Since I constantly have a cup of coffee in my hand, I felt pretty justified by this buy.



3. Kawaii Panda Mug (TJ Maxx)

I love the touch of kawaii this adds to my coffee cup collection! <3

4. Vera Bradley Lanyard (Vera Bradley)

When I was setting down my work keys I knew I would have to get a lanyard. If I was getting a lanyard I was going to do it right! Have I mentioned I am in love with Vera Bradley’s new spring collection? I was so hard walking into the store and leaving with just a lanyard.

I’m not going to pretend to be a beautician or super shopper, but I’ve been wanting to do a shopping haul for a while now. Of course a haul for me wouldn’t be complete without pictures of the crafts I bought so I thought I would share a sneak peak of the craft project I’m currently working on. You can expect something pretty and seasonal coming soon!



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