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Although I am no master, I would consider myself a crafty person. I enjoy the process and outcome of making. I love painting, papercraft, DIYs, and sewing, but I especially love crocheting. Ever since I learned how to crochet when I was fifteen at a slumber party (yes we were THOSE kinds of artsy high school kids), I’ve been hooked on crochet! (Get it? HOOKED on crochet?)

I love the simplicity and complexity of crocheting. I can sit and watch a TV show, with a project in my hand all day. Or I can work on a single project for months! I love taking only a ball of yarn and a hook and making something completely elaborate and functional. As silly as it sounds I’m pretty passionate about this hobby. I have a crochet budget, I have crochet goals, and one day I hope to be successful sharing crochet tips and advice, perhaps on this blog. On thing is for sure, though. Lately I have hit a crochet wall.

I typically like to make projects like hats, scarves, blankets, boot cuffs, and ear warmers. With the warm spring weather in Kentucky recently, there really hasn’t been a point to make the cold weather projects I usually do for the winter time. I mean, have you ever worn an acrylic crocheted hat in 80° weather? Trust me, it’s miserable.

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I am so used to always having some project up my sleeves that if I don’t have a project to come home to, I feel a little lost. This weekend, I felt lost, but luckily I was found.

My advice for if you ever feel a lack of inspiration is Pinterest. I stared at my yarn basket for thirty minutes before deciding to scroll some crochet boards. I have found that even if I don’t get a specific idea from Pinterest, all the creative energy rubs off on me and eventually a new idea finds itself in my hands and in the works.

I stumbled across a new pattern this weekend that I have absolutely fallen in love with. from the website, The Stitchin’ Mommy, has shared a beautiful blanket pattern with very precise, details instructions. So far into this project, her Shell Stitch Baby Blanket Pattern is working very nicely with some Caron Simply Soft I had. It turns out this pattern uses a stitch that could become my new favorite stitch of all time: the shell stitch.


I love the scalloped look there is to it, that gives it a beautiful shape. I originally thought this would be a difficult stitch, sheerly based on how beautiful it was. Turns out, with Amy’s careful instructions, it’s not as hard at all!


I know it may seem like I’m advertising this pattern and stitch, but honestly I think if my friends hear me say, “I love the look of this blanket,” one more time they might just turn my crochet hook on me! I’ll be sure to post pictures of the finished product!

So tell me: Have you every used the shell stitch? OR is there ever a time when Pinterest has fueled your creative self? Next time you are scrolling through all the boards please feel free to check out my Pinterest, that I can promise is full of crafty, crochet, and cooking goodness.








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