5 Reasons Why I Blog, Although No One Reads It


Blogging is a huge part of my life, especially considering I have a total of 12 followers. I find myself brainstorming, reflecting on, and preparing blog posts every day. When I share with people that I blog for fun, many of them imagine famous bloggers, such as Hello Giggles or A Beautiful Mess. A question I often receive is, “How many followers do you have?”I used to be ashamed to admit that I hadn’t gotten my “big break,” but lately I’ve been thinking about why I keep writing…

My boyfriend likes to tease that I write for just 1 person. I respond with, “I have 12 followers, thank you very much!”

He is kind of right, though. I do just write for one person…myself. Here are several reasons why I put so much effort and time into blogging, although no one reads it.

Everyone starts somewhere.

Perhaps big bloggers didn’t stay small for long, but everyone has to have a beginning. It is unfair to compare someone’s beginning to another person’s middle. For me, I hope one day many people find my corner of the internet and think, ‘Gee, this is neat.’ Blogging, though, doesn’t have a recipe for instant success. It stews in its growth.

I enjoy writing anyways…

Although I may not be writing for a very large audience, and many times no audience, I enjoy writing. After many years of writing essay after essay, I am relishing the fact that now I get to write whatever I want. What I want happens to be anything to do with cute and crafty, therefore that’s what I’m writing about. Although I’m not the successful author I dreamed I would one day be, this writing is purely my own.


I write for me.

During a time of what I consider my blog identity crisis, I felt like I had to stick to one type of writing. Back when I reared up Good Morning and Shine, I got a lot of feedback from my cooking stories. I actually reached a little over 50 followers on it! As time went on, I suddenly felt mentally pressured to keep writing about cooking. I would stress out each week getting a new recipe in the books and on the blog. Then, all of the sudden, I didn’t feel much pleasure from writing about cooking. Afterwards, I stopped writing completely. You can guess this didn’t go over too well. Now, being a blog with my name on it, I get to write whatever I feel like, whatever I want. One day that may include a recipe, the other day it may be a sewing pattern. All I know is that I love sharing my creative lifestyle with others…even when there are no others. Perhaps one day there will be a distinguishable pattern of post topics I crank out, but until then my posts may be random. And that’s just me.


I blog because I can.

As I mentioned, after years that my writing was locked into indentured slavery to the university, as soon as I stopped writing essays for college professors, a rush of inspiration came over me. I used to enjoy writing, but then college made me prioritize what I wrote. Being a graduate and free of this requirement (for now) is liberating. It is kind of a big sticking out the tongue to school: You didn’t ruin me! Ha ha! Of course this is the true reason any blogger should start a blog…to write something because they have the freedom to.

I blog to keep my writing skills sharp.

Now I’m not claiming to be Fitzgerald over here, but I do notice an improvement inย  quality the more I write. The more practice you have at anything, typically the more you improve. I think this is definitely the case with my time writing. Professionally, I also have a deeper understanding teaching writing as well.

I may not be Elle but I’m still so fond and proud of my little piece of the Internet. So what about you? Why do you blog? I’d love to hear different/similar reasons from other bloggers.


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