Congratulations Kirk & Kendra

Something that you didn’t get from my Instagram Weekly Round Up was that I was involved in a pretty neat experience over the weekend. Sure, it was Derby Day and Mother’s Day, but another big occasion happened that I’m sure I will never forget.

This is my friend, Kirk. I met him through Cody three years ago. When I met them, many of Cody’s friends were loud and funny guys who liked to talk with girls. Little did I know that these guys would one day be some of my best friends. I love these guys to death.

This is Kirk.


This is Kendra.


The moment I met Kendra I thought she was perfect for Kirk. She’s sweet, funny, and cute!  What’s not to like!?

Saturday he asked me to come and photograph him and Kendra cosplayed as characters from the game Harvest Moon. I don’t know much about this game, but I can say their pictures are so cute AND I got to practice with my new camera.



For about an hour we traipsed around a greenhouse in Lexington, taking different pictures of poses, until finally the moment was right.


I told Kendra I needed a picture of her solo and snapped a few shots like this:


Then she turned around to this:


That’s right folks!


She said yes!


Kirk Kendra

Congratulation Kirk and Kendra on the beginning of a new adventure! Thank you for letting me be a part of your big moment! <3



3 thoughts on “Congratulations Kirk & Kendra

  1. Aww this is adorable!! I am so happy I got to meet Kendra and I am so happy for her! When I first met Kirk, I knew they were perfect for each other! Great pictures too!!
    — Veronica Abt

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