Shop Local Campaign: The Village Shops

Hello lovelies!

I hope many of your summer breaks have already started, nice and peaceful. Mine begins on Monday and I’ll be excited to get time to write some more. Down here in Middlesboro, KY it has been a rainy dreary day…and a lot of fun on my Instagram.


I could have spent a part of the day at the polls, voting for the Democratic Primary, just like most of my friends have done, but here in Kentucky closed primaries mean that my Independent vote doesn’t matter. Don’t even get me started.

Instead I decided to support some local businesses and go shopping!

First I visited my fav, The Pineapple Tea Room. Gotta get my coffee on!

Then I stumbled across a farmer’s market! The veggies went really well with my dinner! (Recipe to come soon!)


The end of the school year always warrants the need to go and get gifts so it was only perfect I chose one of my favorite boutiques here in eastern Kentucky.  The Village Shops is right across in the Kentucky/Tennessee border in Harrogate, TN.

The Village Shops is one of the cutest gift boutiques I’ve ever been in. From jewelry, to decorative signs, to candles, to clothes, and even to Vera Bradley, they have it all…and reasonably priced too!

Today I picked up gifts for my coworkers, who have been so gracious and generous in guiding me throughout the semester. I really couldn’t have asked for better support.

If I had all the money in the world, I would buy one of everything from this store. Most of the items aren’t ones that you necessarily need, but you really want. The best kind of items.



However, attached to the same boutique there is also a pharmacy and a convenience store. Basically everything on your shopping list is right there!

I am especially attracted to the wedding gift section…don’t ask me why…it’s not like a girl is painfully hopeful.


In all seriousness though, there is something there for everyone that likes cute stuff.

If you are ever passing through the area, stop at The Village Shops, just right across the Tennessee border. When you do tell them Brandi Amanda sends her love. Like them on Facebook here.

Now I’m waiting on you! I have now shared a couple places that I like to shop, where do you shop local? What makes your town so interesting? Post a pic and tag me on Instagram ( so I can feature your small business on my blog OR type enter #shoplocalcampaign to get my attention. Let’s get this movement spreading so small businesses can get the love they deserve!



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