Instagram Weekly Round Up

I have started particularly looking forward to these weekly round ups because it gives me a chance to reflect and appreciate all of my blessings…and the fact that I made it through the week alive.

This past week I moved out of my apartment, survived the last day of school, did a lot of local shopping, and bought my blog’s domain name.

That’s all you know. This week the pictures were slim due to all the chaos in life.

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Farewell to 1021 Brandy Lane, my home for two years. Yes, I lived on a street with my name. I finally moved the last box out and turned in my key.


My outfit of the day and a total crush on TJ Maxx.




This day was a free day for me, since school was out for Democratic primary voting. Since I am registered as independent, I was not allowed to vote. Instead I spent the day being goofy, shopping local, and enjoying Appalachia. You can read about this day here!




No pics. The last day of school almost depleted me.


Nothing says, “I’m Southern,” more than your initials on as many items as possible.


Saturday morning yoga. <3


Probably some of the most exciting news of the week (believe it or not) was that I took a plunge in my blogging hobby and set up Brandi Amanda as an official blog!

With the week completed, I have one thought on my mind continuing forward:



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