Shop Local Campaign: Jillian’s Speciality Gifts & Fine Wines

With school being over, and summer beginning, I’ll admit that I have felt a little bit of a void in my life, now that my schedule in infinitely open. As a busy person, it is hard being not busy.

Thus this void has been filled with an uncurable need to shop. So shopping I have done.

For my #shoplocalcampagin this week, I’m featuring a local business dear to my heart.


Now that I’m back in Richmond for the time being, I have visited one of my favorite boutiques, Jillian’s Speciality Gifts & Fine Wines. I have known Jillian for years, since her boutique opened at the Richmond Centre. She always has the a smile on her face and a good conversation to have. She really spares the time for her customers.


Jillian’s has the most exquisite selection of jewelry, accessories, wine, and gift baskets.


Remember a couple weeks ago, when I was showing off my arm candy? The watch was from Fossil, but the Kentucky bracelet was from Jillian’s. There’s a lot more where that came from!  IMG_2578





Any need for gifts and cute can and should be met here.

Here are some of my favorite things from Jillian’s.


In my eyes, the part about Jillian’s is how much local and state pride


You can follow Jillian’s on Instagram here or like her business on Facebook here!

Do you have any favorite local places? Share your favorite small businesses, by posting about them on Instagram, using the hashtag, #shoplocalcampaign and be sure to tag me,


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