Summer Scrapbooking

Hello, lovelies!

Note: If this post doesn’t convey how much of an old lady I am, I’m not ssure what will.

As I promised in the post about my latest sewing project (Homemade Heating Pads), I am sharing what I have been busy making. After all, this is a creative lifestyle blog.

Something I have noticed about myself is that as a crafter (and a proud one at that), I go through phases with each season. I should preface this by saying I always crochet, year round. However, in the winter I crochet the most. Fall time I am usually painting, gluing, and doing home decor. In the spring I enjoy sewing the most. Summer time? I get really into scrapbooking.

This summer in particular, I have really taken to scrapbooking. When moving out of my apartment, I found a bunch of long lost stickers, pages, and supplies that has ended up being very handy. The main scrapbook I am currently focusing on is a scrapbook focusing on the oh-so-exciting events of 2016 so far.


The main reason I decided to debut my new summer hobby now, is because if you are going to start scrapbooking this week is the week to start! Hobby Lobby (whether you hate the store or love it like I do) is having their major papercrafting blowout sale.

Okay so I’m not meaning to do a big sales pitch, but the sale is too big to pass up.


Everything from the brand Paper Studio is 50% off this week (which is the biggest portion of their paper craft selection). Scrapbooks, pages, stickers, sleeves, covers…anything you can imagine you need to start or build your scrapbooking hobby is 50% off!

I buy 99% of my scrapbooking supplies from Hobby Lobby so this week has really been a good time for me to stock up. My friends and I even have scrapbooking nights where we check out the deals and stay up into the early hours of the morning scrapbooking. Cuz we are so cool like that.

Here are some of my current pages!

So for those of you that are papercraft-y out there. Are you taking advantage of Hobby Lobby’s deals? Let me know what is in your scrapbook!





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