Big News

Hello, lovelies!

Let’s recap real quick.

If any of my new followers do not know, last December I graduated college with a degree in teaching high school theatre and Language Arts. In February, my life then turned upside down (in a good way) when I accepted a job and moved to Middlesboro, KY, two hours away from my home.

I was in a sixth grade classroom, an experience I had never been through before, and man did it rock my world. In the three and a half months I taught there, I learned more about teaching than college had ever prepared me for. It was the hardest work I had ever done. Some nights I came home crying. But it was also the most rewarding experience. Hands down taking that job was the best decision in my life. After the last day of school, I knew I was meant to be a teacher.

Better yet, it had planted a seed in me. All throughout college, my motto was, “I will never teach middle school.” Both of my parents were middle school teachers at some point of their careers, and I absolutely had no desire to be stuck with that awkward age group.

Then I taught sixth grade.

Middle school students are going through one of the biggest changes of their lives. They’re going from becoming a child to a teenager, then an adult. Here are some of my observations: They want to be treated like adults, yet they far from act like ones. They can form their own opinion, they can hold intelligent conversations, but then when you mention the word, “kickball” to them, they are third graders all over again. Truth be told, after working with high schoolers, I came in thinking they were babies. I was right and wrong at the same time. Sometimes I could catch a glimpse of who they were growing to be, and the best part was watching them grow.

As you can tell, I fell in love with teaching middle school. I left the end of the year missing my students like crazy. I regretted the fact that my degree allowed me to only teach 8th grade and up. I wouldn’t be able to teach sixth grade in Middlesboro again, at least not until I work to get my certification to teach 5-12.

So the job hunt began again. I applied for many high schools and middle schools around the state.

Then the funniest thing happened.

It seemed like no matter which county I applied to, I had more success, some kind or another, with middle schools.

“Perhaps,” I thought, “This is God nudging me in that direction?”

Well, I hope I’m hearing Him correctly, because as of yesterday I am officially an 8th grade Language Arts teacher at Garrard Middle School! Home of the lions!   

 Obviously I am tickled to have a job, but really I am so excited for this opportunity to continue my career teaching middle school! I can’t wait to meet my students, bond with coworkers, and get into my new school.

This means that for the time being, I am going to stay in Richmond and do a 30 minute drive everyday to get to work.

Before I end, I obviously have to thank everyone: my parents, Cody, Kelsee, Beverly, Dave, and so many friends and family, for being such great support for me. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


4 thoughts on “Big News

  1. I am so happy for you Miss Brandi Amanda Burchfield!!! You may not remember me, but I am a friend of your parents…we met in high school, but I knew Etta Jean in grade school…we went all the way to 8th grade back then. I understand your zest for teaching…reading your blog takes me back years in memories. ..I know you will make a great teacher, not just because it’s in your blood. There’s nothing like that spark in a student’s eyes when they “get it”…I have an Elementary Education Degree with emphasis on Middle Grades Math and Language Arts..ugh…MAED in Elementary Education Math n Lang. Arts….Rank 1, then ya Uncle Steve talked me into going back…I had 30 hours in Principal Ship & Supervision. .so I just went back n finished my Principalship…and my degree in Supervision! Lol. I taught Algebra and Geometry here at Clay Middle….I retired right before Steve became principal. ..I prayed for God’s Will be done if it was meant for me to teach…I fell in love with teaching…not the ridiculous paperwork, timeless observations, and duties, potty patrol. ..I really miss it, but God had another plan for me….I got to take care of my own children…Will was in high school then and Claudia was in 2nd grade…I know, I got a late start..had Will a month before I was 30 n I was 37-38 having her…I lost several great friends along the way, teacher friends who passed away n lost my dad n then my mother in law. .she was 87 n my dad was 73…he had a heart attack n open heart surgery n never left the hospital…he was on kidney dialysis…he lived the last 9 months of his life in the hospital…but back to teaching…I’m telling you, teaching middle school is a ride…you go thru puberty every year and by the time I caught up with who’s boyfriend was whose, it would change!! Lol…I went to work every day with a smile, because I knew I was doing what God wanted me to do, it didn’t feel like a job, it just felt like life…and I loved it!!! From my writing, you can definitely tell I taught Math instead of Language Arts..heehee. You have a great head on your shoulders and you are very talented. ..I’ve watched over the years…Just keep on keeping your spirit and let God lead you and school will be your life…my oldest, Will, was a middle school baby, he was there a lot..I’ve didn’t take Claudia much, but she is going to be there this year n she’s so excited…I’m gonna hush, just keep up the good work..30 minutes is not a bad drive at all..I think one of our male teachers teaches in Garrard Co…High school I think..Cecil Combs..I know your dad will know him, I think he and his family grew up on Elk Creek!! I love your wreath…I always get excited about the beginning of a new year…I taught 7/8 for a while, then 7th for 6 years, Problem Solving for 4, then back to 7/8 n just 8th about my last 8 years or so…enjoy school and life honey, you are Blessed!!!

  2. great story Brandi!!!! even though I knew it, I found myself looking forward to hearing the ending. You will be a great 8th grade teacher. In my opinion a little easier than 6th grade. We are so proud of you. You are a special girl and we love you very much.

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