(Here’s Some More) Big News

Hello, lovelies.

Just last week I was sharing some Big News with you about getting a job and staying here in Richmond.

Perhaps I wouldn’t have titled it “Big News” if I had known this weekend I was going to experience another life changing event. Except this one will last me forever. And my best friend got it all on camera.

Here is the story about how I got engaged:

  For my followers that do not know me, I hate surprises. If I catch any whiff that I may be surprised by something, I become Nancy Drew and get down to the bottom of it.

Thus, when I was pretty sure Cody was going to pop “the big question,” I had to know the details. For the last several weeks our best friends have watched me detective my way through our conversations about Cody, the proposal, and the ring. They were really amused at how I tried to interrogate them, and connect the puzzle pieces of clues and hints.

By the end of every week information and clues seemed to click into place, but still no ring showed up. Eventually, I gave up trying to figure everything out, and assumed I would be either forever be a spinster, or very surprised one day.

One thing I’ve learned from this weekend: I am one sucky Nancy Drew.

If you follow my blog on Instagram (if you don’t then do it now!), you would know that I have been camping this past weekend to celebrate the Fourth of July. Basically eleven of my closest friends gathered up, drove to a camp ground, brought a bunch of tents, and rented a boat, because, I mean, ‘Murica.

Cody, unfortunately had to join us a day late, because he had to work. On Saturday all of us caravan-ed a couple hours away from home and set up camp. Tents, air mattresses, and showers in the building next to our site, I mean we were really prepared to rough it.

Now, when you go any kind of camping besides “glamping,” you kind of assume that you’re going to get dirty and sweaty. So when we settled by the camper, I pulled out a book and started reading in my sweats and T-Shirt: Hair a mess, and makeup even more of a mess. My friends teased me that I looked like a mom on a break from her kids (pretty fitting for the role I play in my friend group, but that’s for another post). Like any tired mom that just needed a little break, I didn’t want to be bothered.

So when my friends said they wanted to dress up and go down to the docks and meet up with some other people, I admit I was a little cranky. “Mom” was on a break, and if she wanted to be a hot mess reading her book, then let her.

After a little while, I thought my friends were getting a little rude. One even said, “You are a sweaty mess, go take a shower.”

So half grudgingly I cleaned up and put on a dress I had bought the day before (you know, any excuse to buy new clothes). I put on some light make up, twigged my hair up, and tried to get back to my book.

In hindsight I should have known that it was fishy when my friends kept giving my fashion tips.

“Your hair is falling down.”

“You’re going to wear a flower crown!?”

“Hear are some extra bobby pins.” (By the way Rachel, turns out you’re a life saver.)

I guess my appearance was finally suitable, so when I finally sat down for my book again, I had to gather my patience when my friends, Josh and Rachel, asked me to go to the store with them. I didn’t want my frustration to show, summed myself up as being cranky & unreasonable, and hopped in the car with them.

Except in the car we passed the camp convenience store.

And started walking up a that overlooked the lake?

And was that my best friend, Sarah, with her camera!? Is this why we went to the nail salon the day before?

Josh said that he heard me gasp, as I turned around and scanned the parking lot, to see if I happened to see Cody’s car. Nancy Drew was back. Sure enough, in line of cars I picked out Cody’s car. I swear I went numb.


Turning the corner, there he was. Suited up, an amused smirk on his face, and red roses on a stone post that he was leaning on. I think I may have blacked out a little.

Instead of writing what happened next, I’m going to share it via video:

Needless to say, I was obviously very surprised. This is the happiest memory of my life.

Cody is not only boyfriend, he is my best friend. He is my partner. He is goofy, nerdy, handsome, sporty, smart, charming, kind, hilarious, and annoying, just the way that I would want him to be. We have had really great times and really not so great times, and I want a life of any kind of times with him. Together, we have made many amazing friends and many memories.

I have to state the obvious: I am one blessed girl. Saturday I was surrounded by the ones I love the most. They had definitely help made the experience worth it. In fact, just the day before I had gotten my nails done with Sarah and vented about being forever alone. I had texted Rachel that I didn’t think Cody was planning on ever proposing. I had told my friends at the campsite that I missed Cody and wished he didn’t have to work. I am one lucky girl to be surrounded by so many wonderful people, even if they prove me to be no Nancy Drew.

Here are some professional pictures taken by Sarah and her crew at Pretty Pixels Photography, and even more on her website here!



Now that I have shared some even more news to add on to last week’s, it looks like I have a pretty busy year ahead of me, between lesson planning and wedding planning. This is definitely going to be a fun ride. Followers, few and faithful, you can expect to see a lot of wedding stuff being posted soon.

Thank you everyone that has shared with us kind words and congratulations. I am truly one blessed girl!



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