What’s in the Mom Bag?

Hello, lovelies!

Sunday’s are one of my favorite days: church, family, friends, and football.

“But wait Brandi,” you say, “It is summer and there is no football.”

Guess again lovelies, because in this group of guys (AKA “The Bros”), the love of football is so strong that since there is no NFL in the summer, they make their own games happen!

Cody and his friends are in an intramural team in Lexington, where they play a different team each Sunday.

When friends joined the league, my first impression was that perhaps these games would consist of a few guys throwing a football around. Apparently my first impression was very wrong!

These teams are very dedicated and serious about these games. In fact, watching my bros out there working hard, has made me so proud of them. Girls play too! Look at my friend, Rachel, go!

When there weren’t a lot of girls on the team this summer, & Rachel joined the team this summer, there was a hole created that needed to be filled. See, with a bunch boys, she brought necessities, like water and towels, and cheered on the team. She was the Team Mom, and a good one at that.

With such an important role needing to be filled, I saw no choice but to step up to the place myself. (Remember when my friends teased me that I was “Mom on break” last weekend?) they needed a Team Mom.

Thus, the Mom Bag was born.

The Mom Bag is basically my favorite 31 bag (gifted to me by my future mother-in-law), which carries everything you think kids will need in the summer…except this is for grown men. My friends have come to put their stuff they need to be kept an eye on in the Mom Bag, and often go to it when they need something.

Here is a bag dump, or whatever you want to call it, of what exactly I keep in my Mom Bag that comes in handy!



First of all, I always keep my essentials with me. Where would I be without my Lily Pulitzer agenda? You can tell that it is well weathered in, with all the use I have had for it. I hate to go anywhere without it and my phone charger. (The pick always comes in handy too!)


I also keep a book around to keep me company. This week’s book is Paper Towns…perhaps I will do a book review of it soon! Just like any mom, I worry about my friends in the sun, as they play. I always have at least one bottle of sunscreen on me, for the summer sun!



Just in case anyone gets hungry, I always carry my hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works & hand wipes for snacks. This week’s game was blueberries!


This is probably THE most valuable item I carry with me at all times. Do you know how easily clothes get dirty? I can’t count how many times I have used this pen, although I have to confess, I probably use it on myself, more than the boys do.


Last but not least, I am always sure to keep some lotion around, and my selfie stick, just in case of a photo op!

Needless to say, these are the bare essentials of my Mom Bag. I have a revolving exchange of items as needed, such as my Nikon D3300 and crochet goodies.

So, what are your bag dumps? I would love to compare my Mom Bag dump, to an actual mother’s bag to see if it compares.

I’m also excited to have a 31 party with some close friends soon!




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