Beauty & a Geek Mini-Haul

Hello, lovelies!

Who says you can’t look good while being a nerd? While unloading my buys, I thought it was funny how different my two shopping trips were, from geek to glamour. Then I thought, there is nothing wrong or unusual about this. I had to share.

So here is the beauty part:

Sephora. Basically I feel like Sephora was created to take all the money I own to my name, so although I’m eating ramen noodles for the rest of my life, at least my cat eyed eyeliner is on point. This weekend I added to my makeup collection some mascara and a free sample of make up primer. Many moons ago, I had tried a sample size of this mascara, before deciding to commit to the full size. I love how it makes my lashes look long and doe-eyed.


So far, I have to say I’m enjoying the primer, especially since prior to this I have not had a primer in my makeup bag. It really makes me feel like the makeup stays on longer.


Then, I couldn’t forget another of my favorite beauty stores, that definitely don’t make you feel like an arm and a leg: Sally’s Beauty.

Sally’s Beauty is perfect for small makeup accessories. I get my lipstick there!


This time, I got the vintage pallet, perfect for my style of clothing. I love experimenting with new pallets, even though sometimes it turns out really silly looking. I am definitely no makeup artist, but I do like to play around with what I have.

Here is the geek part:

This weekend, while some friends were in town after camping, we visited one of my favorite stores: Hastings.

For those of you that don’t have a Hastings in your area, let me put it this way: Hastings has everything you never knew you needed until you went inside.

It is a cool nerd-central for just about anything. From sports fans, to book geeks, to anime lovers, to movie rentals, to game systems, to music instruments, to fangirl accessories galore, Hastings literally has something for everyone. Yes, the company has filed for bankruptcy, but the employees at my local store assured me that their store would not be closing any time soon.


Thus, for me my purchase landed on Harry Potter merch, which of course I’m a big fan of.

I got a key chain for my school lanyard and a classic Deathly Hollows tee. Go Ravenclaw!


Meanwhile, Cody got his Gryffindor on, and bought a Nightwing shirt, since he reminded me of Dick Grayson the first day we met. (Dick Grayson=original Robin=Nightwing now). He also got Cowboy Bee Bop, so I suppose you can guess what has been playing nonstop on my TV lately. :/

Obviously I’ll soon be marrying a beauty and a geek too! <3

Until next time!




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