When We First Met

Hello, lovelies!

This semester I am starting a new job, moving to a new place, and getting married. To add to the fun, I’ve thought, why not add a series of posts updating about the wedding planning? It’s not like I need more commitment in my life.

So where is a better place to start than in the beginning?

Here is the story on how I met the love of my life. It started with the hour I thought I had tuberculosis.

It was the first day of college classes for the semester, and though it was only a Tuesday night class, little did I know when I rushed in and chose a random seat in EDF 319, I would be sitting down next to the man I was going to marry.

He was tall, with dark eyes and cute dark hair. I remember thinking he was so cute, and reminded me of Dick Grayson.


Fast forward two months.

The first day I ever substitute taught, I had to rush from school to a little clinic in Berea, and then on to my night class. I was to get a little TB skin test checked off for the school district, which would just take a second, and head on my merry way to class.

Thus imagine my surprise, when I rushed into the clinic and shoved my arm into a RN’s face, to hear him say, “That’s positive.”

I think the room shrank around me a little.

“What?” I think I stammered. A cluster of the clinic’s nurses began to gather. Someone told me to step into the hallway away from the waiting room. As I waited in a corner, I heard the RN say, “I’ve never seen a positive skin test.”

A nurse walked by and said, “Gee, that’s scary.”

Meanwhile I was in my own personal turmoil. Thoughts flashed through my head.

I’ll never see my family again.
I got so many kids infected. 
I’ll never get to ask out that guy in my night class.

I was so dramatic, BUT in my defense I didn’t realize that there were such things like a false positive TB skin test.

I was shoved in a room to get a chest X-Ray done and sent in, although I was told it wouldn’t be until the next day when I got the results.

A little numb, and in shock, I walked out and drove to night class. In hindsight, I can’t believe I actually thought I had tuberculosis. That’s what makes the story so funny. Trying to hold back tears, as I walked into class, I got the phone call that the X-Ray scans bounced back quickly, and they did in fact show that I didn’t have any tuberculosis.

I’m not going to lie. I spent all class in tears and thanking God for a second chance. This was another chance at life for me, and this time I wasn’t going to screw it up.

I would ask out the cute boy that sat at the table next to me…

When class was dismissed, he walked by, we exchanged a few polite, awkward words, and I opened my mouth and…I chickened out. I thought that if this guy rejected me, then I would not be able to hold myself together in the face of rejection.

Thus, I did what every modern coward would do: I messaged him on Facebook alluding that I would like to grab coffee with him. Of course he immediately responded…what guy doesn’t like to be asked out, after all?

A few weeks later, we grabbed that coffee at the local coffee shop, and will continue to grab them for the rest of our life. The rest is history…or for another time.


Our love was the most natural thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I sometimes forget I haven’t known Cody all my life.


For more stories and updated about the wedding, keep updated and posted on the Wedding portion of the blog!


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