Planner Love+Resources

Planner Love+Resources

Hello, lovelies.

I’m about to share a secret that some of my readers might not know:

I am not an organized person.

Now for those of my readers that know me personally, I’m sure you guys are nodding your heads and saying, “Well, duh.”

My socks never match, my car is always a mess, I have papers everywhere, I’m always running 3 minutes late…well the list goes on.

However, if there is one thing that keeps my life on its hinges, I would have to say it is my Lily Pulitzer planner. Until this point it has been the only semblance of consistent organization to keep me going. Once it is written in the planner, I have to try my darndest to complete it.

My first Lily Pulitzer planner was a gift from my sister last August, when I was student teaching, coaching a dance team, and directing three productions. I think I would be lost somewhere in the wilderness if I didn’t have that planner to keep my straight.

As school starts this semester, I have decided that I want to hone in on my organization skills. Between planning a wedding, starting a job, and keeping up my blogging hobby, I figured there will be little time for me to be unorganized.

“Studies show that when you are starting a new environment or situation, you can develop new skills easier.” -Maggie, my friend who is a psychology graduate.

This year, not only am I renewing the tradition of using a planner to fulfill my goal of being on top of everything, I am spicing it up a little! Here are three resources that I am using and any planner-lover should consider using at the start of the new school year.

  1. Michaels

One of my favorite craft stores surprisingly has a wide selection of planner materials. They have a whole section dedicated to stickers and more. I’m pretty guilty of grabbing stickers each time I go on impulse.


      2. Target

As a teacher, Target’s dollar bins are already my favorite. My last Target trip, I happened to pick up some $3 gel pens. Now on top of planning my week, I can color code what each task is for! Pink is for school, green is for what I’m planning to cook, and gold is for wedding to-do’s as I plan.


       3. TJ Maxx

Need a planner? I love my Lily Pulitzer agenda, but Kate Spade comes in a close second. At least at my local TJ Maxx, my sister bought a Kate Spade agenda for only $6. They also have many other 18 month agendas for a major discount… now is the best time to grab one at a decent price! They have an entire section dedicated to planners and organization.


The transition from being a mess to organize is definitely not an easy one, but if I’m going to do it, I know now it the right time to.

So what about my readers out there? What is your favorite planner/agenda?


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