Moving Tips for Beginners

Hello, lovelies!

I have mentioned before, my time recently has involved a lot of getting ready for school to begin (I’m so excited!), and wedding planning.

Right in the middle of all of these big changes in my life, for some reason I got a wild hair idea that I thought it would be a fantastic idea to move.

Pardon my insane laughter for a moment.

Anyways, with this move I have made a lot of mental notes about what I would do differently, if I had to move again. Here are some tips that a lot of wise movers already know by heart.


Clean before you move.

This was a piece of advice that I ignored when I first started the moving process. I thought it would be easier to clean the apartment when all of the boxes and furniture were moved out. Then all of the friends that showed up to help were subjected to see all of the messiness in the old apartment…which was of course embarrassing. I also think that packing the apartment up would have been a lot easier if I had really done some good ole deep cleaning in the apartment. I know I would have felt better about the whole process.


Don’t spend money on boxes.

When I announced that I was going to be moving, I had a lot of people give me advice. Some people pointed to Walmart, who apparently sells their cargo boxes. However, there are many retail stores that throw their boxes out. I would check around chain retail stores that get multiple shipments per week. Trust me, you will need the extra cash for the next tip.


Prepare to spend a little money, even if you “already have everything.”

I had many people tell me that moving would be expensive. Besides rent and the security deposit, we had everything we needed! Well, at least we thought. Although we didn’t have to get furniture, new electronics, etc. we did have to make several Walmart runs in our new home. It’s the little things that add up, such as shelves, new hooks for organizing, cleaning supplies, and more. For example, the apartment that we moved from was only carpet, so we had to make a mop investment for all of the hardwood floors at our new place. So even if you “have everything you need,” like we did, be sure to have some cash put back for those dreadful Walmart trips.


Try to avoid asking too much of your friends. Even if your friends are meta human friends, that will drop everything to help you with anything, be sparing when asked for help. Therefore when you make a big move, like Cody and I did, your friends will be more likely to pitch in some muscles. This is a life lesson as well as a moving tip, but have good friends. I get a little emotional thinking about what great help our friends were when we moved everything. I definitely could not have done it without them. So Maggie, Rachel, Nick, Josh, and Kirk if you are reading this I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you were there for us. <3


Organize boxes as much as you can.

It may take a little extra time to label all of your boxes as you are packing, but you’ll thank yourself later. It is super helpful for when you are unpacking in your new place later. For example, need the cleaning supplies? Look for the box that is labeled “cleaning supplies.” It was also helpful with directing our friends with where boxes needed to go. “MR” was the main bedroom, “SR” was for spare bedroom, “K” was for kitchen, and so on… You will save yourself the trouble when you unpack later.


New place, new beginning!

Take this move as an excuse to give you a new start. If you have always wanted a decorated home, take this as a new chance! If you have always wanted a clean home, here is your shot. Your old place is old news, so make the best of where you are now! Personally, my goal this school year is to become as organized as possible, so that is what I’ll be working on in this new home.


Be ready for life to be hectic for a little while.

Remember, new place new beginning? Well that beginning may not happen for a little while. Get ready for your new home to be a little chaotic for a little while, as you unpack, organize, clean, and resume life. It took us three weeks to get everything to where it needed to be. Until then, it has been a little trying, since this move was supposed to be when I became a perfect person, with a clean and beautiful home. Just be patient and keep working at it!


If I could do this whole moving experience again, I would be much better prepared facing some of these challenges. I hope they are helpful to you as well!



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