Saying Yes to the Dress

Hello, lovelies!

I just wanted to share an update my readers that a few weeks ago I found THE dress!


The first time I had tried on dresses, I was miserable. I was truly unprepared of getting into itchy dresses. It was one hundred degrees outside, my hair wasn’t fixed, and I was just discovering that formal dresses are two sizes larger than your normal size. I left about to have a meltdown.

A selfie of pure determination the second time around!

This second time I tried on dresses, however, was a much more pleasant experience. I went to David’s Bridal, was paired with an awesome associate, and had mentally braced myself for the act of trying on dresses that were two sizes bigger than my normal size. I was ready to spend all day there. I had my mom and Kelsee with me for moral support. I think they made trying on dresses fun!


Ironically, THE dress was the first one I tried on. No other dresses made me glow. What luck!


With time ticking, I’ve been getting myself into gear. My motto has been to kick this wedding’s butt, instead of the opposite.

Planning so far, I have come across some criticism and trepidation towards the wedding, from both strangers and loved ones, but at the  end of the day I know it’s going to be a crazy, fun best day of my life. It will be the beginning of the rest of my life as Brandi Saylor. Eeek! The monogramming around my house is so strong right now!


This week I have fall break (AN ENTIRE WEEK!), so I’ll be devoting a lot of time to planning the wedding and getting stuff done! I only have 68 days to go!


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