Soon to Be Saylors: Welcome Brady!

Hello, lovelies!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Halloween. In my household, things have been pretty hectic, but all in good ways. Not only are Cody and I getting married, and I’m going through my first full year of teaching (and potentially moving, once again!), we have a new addition to our lives!



We would like to welcome Brady, the newest Saylor of the family!


Those of you who know me well, know that this was a long time coming. I have begged and begged Cody for years to let me get a dog. I guess something snapped in him last weekend or maybe I was just so annoying that it worked! He said yes to the pup!

Brady (named after Tom himself!) is a F2B goldendoodle that has won mine and Cody’s hearts.


After driving for hours with one of my friends, Rachel, Brady has become a part of our household. A BIG part, in fact! At only age 9 weeks, he’s one big puppy!


So far here are some facts about Brady that I have discovered so far:

  • He has only had a handful of accidents in the house all weekend. He really grasps the concept of “going” outside. Pretty impressive for a pup!
  • He LOVES the sound of squeaky toys and crinkly paper. I will really have to watch where I lay my students’ papers to grade!
  • Brady absolutely doesn’t not like being on a leash. Pretty typical for a puppy getting trained to walk on a leash. When he is using the potty, he usually pulls against the leash. However, when we walk, he loves the leash.
  • He is a biting machine! My fingers, my clothes, his toys, his blankets, my fingers, he will chew just about anything when he is in the mood to. I even bought him a teething bone…which lays abandoned by the door.
  • Brady understands I am referring to him when I call his name in a certain voice.
  • His bark is so cute!
  • He likes to crawl under the couch or bed when he wants to nap… forget the comfy dog bed I bought him, or the crate!


When I told my friend, Sarah, the news, we thought it would be so much fun to do an announcement photo shoot and introduce Brady to the world! Sarah is the founder and owner of Pretty Pixels Photography, and always does such amazing work! I’m really going to cherish these pictures forever! She is very creative and does excellent at her job.





As a new puppy owner, I know it won’t always be easy like puppy nibbles and tiny barks, but I know that this dog will be so well loved by his new owners.



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