Bath Time with Brady

Hello, lovelies!

I know about this time of year gets pretty hectic for the whole country. Halloween is over, so welcome Christmas! We will also be welcoming a new president tomorrow. I’m not going to go into the big spill about how you should use your right to vote because you’ve already heard it before, but it is extremely important to vote.

What is much less important than voting, but an extremely effective stress reliever is my puppy, Brady. In fact, if you missed my big announcement a week ago, Cody and I have welcomed a puppy into our new family. I seem to have had plenty of big announcements from the past few months.


Brady is a handful, but he is so worth it. He is either extremely playful or wiped out. Thus when my sister and I decided that it was time for him to take his first bath in his new home, we were very curious to see how it would all go down.

Now, I’m most definitely not a vlogger, but every once in a while I publish a video or two for fun. I have a Youtube channel, that mainly goes unused. Brady’s bath was such an adventure, I could hardly resist making a video collage of this experience. Thus, if you have 6 minutes of your life to look at my cute puppy, enjoy!

Be still my heart! This week has been pretty tough, but tonight completely made me forget all about it!
Thanks for watching!


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