Gifts by Brandi Amanda

Hello, lovelies!

Happy early Thanksgiving!

As you know my life lately has been weddings, school, and puppy.

Seriously, I’m obsessed.

Now that I am managing my time, I decided I wanted to see a new project off of the ground.

In August, Cody gifted me a Silhouette Cameo to use for the wedding and Christmas gifts. Little did I know that admist the chaos, this machine would be the anchor that has kept me calm. My Cameo projects are the greatest stress relievers that I can get my hands on. Sorry crochet, I’m cheating on you.

I have made so many gifts already, and it’s just getting into Christmas season!

Thus, with breaks approaching and the holidays looming, I thought I would finally strive towards something I have dreamed of since I got the machine. Without further ado, presenting:

I have loved making gifts so much that I thought I would share that passion!

These gifts are all custom and handmade to make the recipients know how special they are. I am also taking customized requests from customers!  With manageable projects, I’ve come up with items from stocking stuffers to work party gifts to earn a little extra on the side. I am a teacher after all!

From wine glasses, to mugs, to tumblers, if you can put vinyl on it, I’ll be selling them!

You can find all of my items on sale on the Facebook page Gifts by Brandi Amanda, where I will be selling items locally and regionally.

In fact, if you like my page, then there may or may not be a drawing in Black Friday for a gift of your choice! 

I am excited about this chance to share my crafts with the world. As always, thanks for the support. Of course I’ll keep updating as I venture into this new journey!


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