A Week of Being the Saylors

Hello, lovelies!

Brandi Amanda writing here, telling you abo–

Wait a minute.

Amanda is not my only middle name anymore.

Last Saturday, for those of you readers that don’t know, I became Mrs. Brandi Amanda Burchfield Saylor. At 3:30pm I walked down the aisle, trying not to bawl my eyes out, and at 3:50, I walked back up the aisle as a married woman!

This semester has been a pretty busy one, to say the least. Between a new job, my intern year of teaching, getting a new apartment, introducing a new puppy in our lives, and planning a wedding, these past six months have been a whirlwind, although I wouldn’t say a bad whirlwind.

I won’t go through that big day, frame by frame, but being surrounded by family and friends, from both sides, was truly the wedding of my dreams.

My uncle catered a delicious spread of finger foods and desserts… and was then asked to cater other events by a couple of our guests! My aunt, owner of the floral store, Simply the Best, turned both venues into a winter wonderland, worthy of Pinterest! A great friend and artist, Bradley Powell, filmed some special moments of the day. And of course my best friend, Sarah Bucknam, with Pretty Pixels Photography, captured the whole day with pictures.

Here are just a couple from the wedding, taken with iPhone, so they will be NOTHING compared to the actual photos Sarah and her coworker, Stacy, took.

Of course, there was a fair share of incidents in the wedding that in hindsight have made me laugh.

For example, when prompted, Cody just haaaad to say, “I MOST CERTAINLY do.”

After the ceremony and before the reception, Cody and I got coffee at Purdy’s, the place where we had our first date.

At the reception, I forgot to get my bustle fixed, so Cody and I slipped and tripped all over my dress during the first dance…which we had spent HOURS rehearsing.

All in all, it was such an amazing day.

Since then it’s been the married life!

When people say that married life isn’t different than pre-married life, I have no idea if they’re wrong or right. We’ve only been married a week!

Cody goes to work and I try to get our apartment under control, catching up with laundry, cleaning, and organizing gifts. In that aspect, everything has stayed the same.

I can say, though, that it does feel really nice to welcome my husband home from work. On Tuesday  he asked me to make a hundred Oreo balls for a work party the next day, so when I fixed all of that candy, I did it for my husband, not my boyfriend. Call it the “honeymoon phase,” but making all those truffles was a lot less painful, when it was for my husband. Apparently they were a hit at his work, too! I’ll definitely be sharing that recipe soon!

This past weekend we had our first Christmas as a married couple, celebrating with family and of course Brady as well!


I know I’ve said this a hundred times, but all I can feel is extremely blessed. I haven’t said thank you enough to everyone that has been involved in this big part of our lives!

Now onward to 2017 and the next step of our lives!




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