A Dog Park & 3DS XL Adventure {{vlog}}

Hello, lovelies!

Two posts in one day!?

Earlier today, I shared what this first week of marriage was like with Cody and I.

Now I thought I would share a video with us just being ourselves. Yesterday, both being off work, we took an adventure into Lexington to take Brady to the dog park, get a 3DS XL, and play Pokemon Go! It was a perfect day!

I don’t vlog very often, but yesterday I just got the urge to, so enjoy this totally average day of mine and Cody’s time together!

Here is one of the rare videos I made on my Youtube channel, Brandi Amanda.

Yes, days like yesterday are not the most thrilling or adventurous, but it’s our life right now and I couldn’t be any more pleased. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going rest up for my best friend’s wedding day tomorrow, by playing my new 3DS XL!


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