2017 Bucket List

Hello, lovelies! 

I think collectively everyone has agreed that 2016 was not the best of years. As for me, despite all of the heart wrenching celebrity deaths, my personal life has had an all time high. 

This year I got a steady job, I moved away from my hometown, I really found myself while I lived away, I got engaged, I got a fur baby, I got married, and I have a nice place to live! 

As the year of 2016 (which most people consider the worst year of all time) comes to a close, all we can do is look forward to the next year and move on. I have some big plans coming up for 2017. Here are a few of my well thought out new year resolutions! 

1. Get fit

I feel like I had to get this item of the itenarary off the list since it’s so typical. In all seriousness, though, I just want to be a healthy version of myself.

On my Pinterest you can see some ideas and inspirations I will be pursuing. 

2. Budget 

Not only am I now accountable for my own money, I also share an account with my new husband. This, in my opinion, is a great responsibility. Thus, he and I are going to get into the habit of budgeting. We have big dreams and with these dreams has to come some planning. 

3. Meal plan 

This, I believe from research, will be helpful with budgeting money AND getting fit. It’s a habit I believe will save me a lot of time and money, once I have mastered the discipline of meal planning.

Here is a meal planning guide that I find a lot of inspiration from! 

4. Delve into the word of God

Something I look back and regret in 2016, is that out of all the important times in my life, I didn’t actively seek God all the time. Instead of shaming myself on my failure, I’m taking 2017 to rededicate myself to seeking God and all of His wisdom.

Becoming the Woman God Wants me to Be by Donna Partow is a devotional I’ve already started, and that I’m enjoying so much so far. 

5. Get organized

Often times I feel like between work, home, God, and the fringe moments I get to do what I want to do, I feel very flurried. I believe the root to my problem is being a cluttered, messy person. Getting organized doesn’t come natural to me, but it’s a skill I know I need to acquire to live a less frantic lifestyle.

7. Two posts a week

I love writing. It is one of my favorite hobbies, right next to vinyl and crochet. This year I want to be a balanced individual, where my passions can meet reality. Hopefully you’ll be seeing more posts from me! 

8. Become a better me

Of course I want to be a better teacher. Of course I want to be a better friend. A better a wife. A better daughter. My end goal is that with all of these resolutions I become a better person, and better at all of the roles I play in this life. 

I’m excited to see what 2017 has to offer! So tell me: what are some of your New Years resolutions? 


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