Snow Day with Brady

Hello, lovelies!

It was a snow day for this teacher! This it was a fun day with Brady!

Sometimes when Cody and I are outside, we’ll put his leash on and let him run around in our yard to get some exercise. It can be hard to keep up with him because he LOVES to run and explore. Today, though, I had so much fun watching him run and play in his dirt snow.

I thought I would share some too cute picture of his adventure!

He was able to see outside the window and was super ready to play in the snow!
He was instantly fascinated by it!


AND super ready to check it out!

Every time I got even a little close, he would hide behind a tree, like he thought I was going to make him go in.


Then he would run. 🙂

After this he was one tired boy. 🙂 Which meant I got to rest a little too!

Wherever you are, I hope my readers are safe, warm, and having as much fun with the snow as Brady did today.


Tomorrow, I’ll be writing about a new crochet pattern I’m in love with!


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