The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: January 17

Hello, lovelies!
Last time I posted, I announced there was exciting news on the horizon! As I write this post on my ancient iPad that lags every minute I use it, I didn’t imagine I would announce the news like this. Then again, my luck would show me different. So here is me touching base, and previewing what is to come.

The Good
As 2017 set in, one of my bucket list goals of the year was to write often. Blogging has always been a hobby that I have turned to, in times when I am showing myself self love.
Thus, I decided to invest into my blog, by peeling my blog away from, and transferring it to host the website myself (using Site Ground). For those of you that don’t know, that means that I can control more of the advertisements you see on my blog, it means that I can outsource my blog to Internet static websites, and I have complete control over the look of my blog.
The downside?
The Bad

A several of weekends ago, Cody and I visited my parents to watch the AFC championship game, in front of their new HD TV and surround sound. I brought my laptop to work on the aesthetics of my blog. Beginning to self host just the day before, it was time to turn my website into the blog of my dreams…or at least begin that process. What better time to start than immediately?
I went online to Etsy, bought a theme, and began to work on some editing. We stayed at my parents’ until late that night because… Unless you have been under a rock since Sunday, the Patriots won, and then proceeded on to the Super Bowl. After we went home, I packed my school bag and set it in the trunk for school the next day. As I went to bed, I heard Cody go outside to bring in some food I had left in the car.
Fast forward to the next morning. As I put on my duck boots and heard the rain outside, I grabbed my umbrella and trudged to the car. Nothing like a rainy Monday morning. It was still dark outside, but as I rounded the corner to our parking lot, I noticed one of my car lights were on…specifically the trunk light.
I don’t think I realized the damage that was done, until I picked up my soaking wet laptop and tried to open it. I still get tears in my eyes when I remember the facts sinking in: The laptop had been rained on all night, it wasn’t turning on, and it probably never would again.
The Ugly
I don’t think three-year old meltdown could have described my reaction more perfectly when I came back into the apartment to show Cody the damage, who was still awake. I mean I proceeded to ugly face cry for fifteen minutes, inconsolable, despite Cody trying to calm me down, despite being late to school, despite being a 23 year old woman. As in wailing like I had lost someone close to me, which in a way, I did. Over night, assuming Cody had accidentally left the trunk open when he ran out to the car, my aspirations for my new adventure in self hosting drowned with my laptop.
Cody was obviously very sorry for the accident. I got a lot of sympathy when I brought my laptop in to the Apple Store. The facts still remained, however: my laptop was swimming with the fishes and there was no easy (or inexpensive) way to repair it.
Ultimately, I am attempting to utilize an electronic device insurance my parents already pay for, but the process has been painfully slow to see if they will even provide a replacement for my laptop.


So here I am, in a coffee shop, trying to type this on an ancient iPad with a tiny keyboard. Jen Sincero is cheering me on to follow my dreams, even if it is not easy on this little iPad! I still find myself moping around sometimes, but it only takes a breath to pause and remember that if the worst I am dealt in life is a broken laptop, I am still so well off.
(Nevertheless: it still sucks.)
Thus, if you have been wondering where the heck twice a week blog posts have been, now you know that they have been water damaged, and sent off to hopefully come back with a new laptop.
Until then, my blog is still under construction, but the ideas are still cooking! I’ll be sure to keep the crowd posted on what comes next! Thank you all for the patience!

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