Back to It: Two Year Blogiversary

Hello, lovelies!

This weekend, I blogged about taking a blow when it came to getting blog posts out, due to being without a laptop. Really, it’s been a rough few weeks.

Today, with a quick turn of events, I received a brand new Mac Air, since the damage done to my previous laptop was deemed irreversible.

To this day I would be up a creek if it wasn’t for my mom, Technology Extraordinaire and Super Mom. As a media specialist and librarian at her school, when she found out about my laptop, she and my dad immediately told me I could file a claim under their multi device insurance through their phone company. Who would pay for a multi device insurance plan? My mom, duh. She is so tech savvy that it wouldn’t make sense for her not to have this in her life… plus she is well aware of her two clumsy daughters.

Thus, she filed a claim with this insurance, although it wasn’t her laptop, and three weeks later I am writing on a completely new laptop!!

Receiving my laptop tonight was the cherry on top of a great day… not to mention the great timing of it as well!


As I logged on to Facebook this evening, WordPress reminded me that two years ago today, I started my first blog.

As I reflect on my first blog, Good Morning and Shine, I feel like I have grown so much in my blogging experience. Two years ago, I would have never expected to be self hosting and customizing my own website! Ah!!!

I feel like it wouldn’t be a true Blogiversary if I didn’t thank everyone in my life that has read this blog throughout my time writing and sharing. There are a handful of people that have been with me from the beginning. Love you guys!

I am excited to be back at it and to share some ideas I’ve been (literally) cooking up! Thank you all so much for the patience and support!


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