Spring Floral Wreath

Hello, lovelies!

Here in my part of Kentucky, today the high was 67, and I’m sitting here wondering, “Where in the world did winter go?”

Although I’m a true believer of putting up decor to match the season, it has been so temperate here, that I can’t help but feel that spring is in the air…in February.

Thus, my eye has turned to the pastels and bright colors that spring flowers always bring each year. This week it was not easy walking by the flower section of Michaels, as I was picking up some yarn. Instead of wanting to crochet a scarf for cold weather, I wanted to have some blossoms in my life. Then again, that really has nothing to do with spring, because I really do love floral everything.

Cody began to tease me about my love for all things flower-y, when I started bringing home flowered dresses from my favorite boutique. Navy floral themed, pink floral themed, maroon floral themed, etc. When he pointed out my latest fashion trend, he asked me why I loved so many blossoms, everywhere! My response was, “I’m really into floral.”

Famous last words.

Now any time I even mention flowers, he teases me in a .valley-girl voice, “I’m really into floral.”

Nevertheless, as I stood in the flower aisle at Michaels, all I could think of was, “I’m really into floral.”

Here is a spring-inspired floral wreath that I made, with said flowers from Michaels, to “spring” up our home! It was super easy, quick, and inexpensive to make!

Here is how I made it:

All I brought home was an “S” for Saylor, a twig wreath, and just one bouquet of flowers to achieve this look!

Brady was my “little helper.”

All I did was trim the flowers from the bouquet with wire cutters, leaving about 2-4 inches of a stem.


Then I wove the stems into the twigs of the wreaths. I have found that this type of wreath is usually so tangled with twigs, there is no hot glue needed. The flowers just stay in there themselves.

After placing the flowers as I wanted, I made sure I got some green leaves on the wreath as well! The green definitely adds to the look.

I even found a long twig to hang my “S” on, with no worries of super gluing it on and falling off in this February heat! That easy!

I have loved coming home to this look every sunny day this week. I can’t imagine how decked out in flowers my house will be when Spring time actually does come!

Tell me what season you are decorating for right now! Are you still hanging snowflakes, or have you already moved on to spring like I have?

Perhaps this weather will be around to stay!

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