Easy Sunday Omelettes

Hello, lovelies!

I wanted to share an easy, quick recipe that I have been able to make anytime I’m not running five minutes late in the morning. This means that usually the only day that I’m not five minutes late, is on Sunday’s.

All this recipe requires is some eggs, your own choice of frozen veggies, and toppings of your choice!

The best part about the eggs I used for my omelette I made this morning, is that I’ve started getting eggs from local farmers, so this omelettes was so fresh! I would say any time you get the chance to, support your local farmers by buying from them. Usually their produce is so much fresher and yummier, anyways!

For this recipe I used:

2 whole eggs

6 egg whites

Cooking spray

Choice of frozen vegetables (I use Kroger brand)

Toppings of choice (I use cheese and a dash of garlic powder to prove I’m not a vampire)

First sauté the vegetables you want to use in your omelette. While they are heating up, you can work on the eggs.

I am an amateur at best when it comes to separating yolks and egg whites. I use an empty water bottle to suction the yolk away from the rest of the egg…which was obviously only semi successful. I recommend separating the egg whites first, before cracking the two eggs that you don’t need to separate.

A professional chef would be ashamed.


After you have your egg whites, mix the two whole eggs in with a hand whisk.

Once the vegetables are nice and warm, put them aside. Then layer the skillet thickly with some cooking spray. If you do not add enough spray, then the omelette will stick to the pan and not be able to flip. Pour the egg white mix into the skillet, and turn the temperature to medium/high.

The actual frying of the omelette doesn’t take very long. My trick is to watch the edge of the eggs, until they start to peel away from the skillet. With a big spatula, flip the eggs when the egg mix won’t break, and will stay together.

After you flip the omelette to let the underside cook, add the vegetables.

Flip the omelette once more, and your omelette should be ready to dig into!

Of course, add your preference of toppings (which mine is just cheese and a dash of garlic) first.

The best part of this recipe is, if you don’t add a lot of unhealthy toppings, it is pretty healthy! There are a lot of proteins in there to start out your morning!





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