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Who doesn’t like a good plate of homemade Jewish bread?

If you had asked me that in my childhood, you would been met with a blank stare. Let’s just say growing up, the only bread that was in my kitchen was loaves of white bread for sandwiches that were bought from Walmart. Thus, when I was sixteen and my friend brought homemade bread to school for lunch, I was amazed.

This is not the case for everyone, but to me, homemade bread is a lost art. I believe there used to be a time that bread ingredients were common in the kitchen, however that is less the case now.

I learned how to make Challah with the patience of my friend, Brooke, who knew the recipe inside out. I was amazed at how there was even an order to add the ingredients to get the final product. The process was a mess (perfect for me), as flour went everywhere in my kitchen. I kneaded and pressed the bread, and then sliced it into sections. It was hard work, but delicious by the time I was done! Something about that loaf of bread was very satisfying to me.

Years later, with my new Kitchenaide mixer, I wanted to try out Challah again. I found the recipe after an intense Pinterest search on Life as a Strawberry. This recipe is a little different than the one I made during high school, but it came out just as yummy! This time, though, I protected my kitchen a little more by covering my counters in freezer wrapper.

Like I was taught to make, I settled on choosing to divide the dough into six parts to create a six part braid. Of course, to complete that part of the recipe, I had to look up how in the world to braid the bread (helpful video here).

The recipe from this website made two medium size loaves, although next time I may combine all the dough and see how it will be to make a massive loaf of challah!

I ended up using some slices for sandwiches for Cody’s lunch!

The crust may seem a little dark, but I believe my oven would not thoroughly bake through the whole loaf, without showing some love to the outside. Or maybe I let the time slip away from me a bit. Regardless, I’m glad I now have a new Challah recipe to add to my cookbook!

I wonder if any of my readers have those precious dishes you rediscovered as an adult. If so, please share! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget that my Etsy store is running $1 monograms until June 5th!

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