6 DIYs to Try During July

Hello, lovelies!

It’s Saturday night and I am watching Game of Thrones, taking a break from crocheting.

For me, a large part of being creative is having so many ideas! I often struggle with where to even start! Thus, I thought I would sit down and map out ten goals that I would like to achieve during my last month of summer vacation! (I won’t include career goals, because I have a lot to prepare for the upcoming year.)

1. A Porch Make Over

I can’t believe it has been three months since I have moved into this apartment and I haven’t done any work on my front porch. It has become my hangout spot to talk with our neighbors and watch our dogs play. It definitely needs to TLC, so I’ve been doing some Pinterest research for some ideas! The List of Lists is really where it’s at!

2. Blanket Ladder DIY

I’m probably looking forward to this project the most! Dad has gotten out his saw, and the first day with good weather we are going to make a blanket ladder. I have a feeling in the future, I’m going to be setting goals to make many blankets to hang on it! For this project, I’m looking at Love Grows Wild.

3. Craft Room Make Over

My craft room is an eyesore in our house. Since we moved into this new apartment, it has become the room where our junk goes, when we don’t know what to do with it. I’m embarrassed to post a picture of it in its current condition! I have a whole Pinterest board on it!

4. Camera Strap

I have been totally inspired recently to upgrade my camera accessories and I have my eye on this DIY tutorial from the lovely The House that Lars Built.

It’s time for me to bust out my sewing machine!

5. Tassel Coasters

I don’t usually release a lot of crochet patterns that I have created myself. I am working on an original pattern to spruce up the place where you sit your drinks!

6. Farmer’s Market

Ultimately this is the goal I am working towards the most. Since getting my Silhouette Cameo last year, I have enjoyed making a lot of stuff. From shirts to cups to pillow cases, it has become more than a hobby, but a side hustle as well. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that I was opening an Etsy store. In addition to my Etsy store, I am planning on opening a booth at my local farmer’s market. It’s about time I take my hobby to a booth! Whether it does well or not, it will be a great adventure for me!

July will be a busy month, for sure! I’m excited to share what it unfolds!


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