New Job!

Hello, lovelies!

Last summer there was a lot of big life changes that occurred in my life. I got engaged, I got a new job, and I moved. Fast forward to this summer. I guess it’s time for another slew of announcements. This time there are no engagements, and (thank goodness) no more moving.

Just on Friday I announced that I am taking my passion to market, at the Downtown Richmond Farmer’s Market. Today I am delighted to officially announce that I am an employee of Madison County school system! I’ll be working at Clark Moores Middle School this year!

Not only is it only 7 minutes away from where I live, it is also a great school that I’m proud to join. With my experience that I gratefully gained from Garrard County and my new knowledge from this summer’s EKU Writer Project, I’m excited to start the school year. I guess I’m just the odd teacher out.

Although I try not to blend my professional life with my blog, be prepared to look at a couple DIYs for my classroom!



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