Today I Am Grateful for Eggs

Hello, lovelies!

This is NOT the post I intended to go up today, but it is the post that I feel is meant to be.

You all know by now that I’m a complete mess, most of the times. Sometimes this sentiment only pertains to my house, with at least one room that needs tidying up, but lately I’ve been a bit of an emotional mess.

With Cody working 2nd shift 12 hours a day, it is challenging to see him. A part of me has been dreading school to come back, simply because my time with him will go from very little, to nonexistent.

Some days I get depressed over my loneliness. I sometimes will fall into the trap of pitying myself, because I’m not like other wives, whose husbands have the same work schedule as they do. I often spend most of my time in the mornings and evenings alone.

This morning was no different, as I walked across my kitchen, and began to fix myself breakfast. I pulled out my Kroger frozen vegetable mix, some butter, and then some eggs. I tossed some veggies on the skillet, then I opened the carton. I looked at the perfect, small eggs. These eggs came from a farm in Corbin, Kentucky, whose owner comes up to my farmer’s market every Saturday. At this point in the week, I have gotten through most of the dozen. They were not the most inexpensive eggs, but they were well worth what I paid for them, considering I go through a carton of eggs once a week.

Call me silly, but when I picked up one to crack open, I was struck by a realization. Many people don’t get to have the eggs lifestyle.

Wait, what? Okay, maybe I just made the term up.

I think of the “eggs lifestyle” as how I spent my morning. I got up, took a shower, got dressed, fixed my coffee, and cooked my eggs, before leaving to work in my classroom.

Over these eggs, I realized that many don’t get the chance to cook, because they can’t afford fresh eggs. Or they are physically incapable. I think of many others my age that struggle to keep the lights on. That may work three part time jobs to keep themselves afloat. I think about those who may wish they could have time to fix my simple dish. I think of those who can’t even bring themselves out of bed, due to an illness that is not so much physical, as it is mental.

Even as I type this, I can’t help but be grateful for my eggs lifestyle. I am able to get up, and cook myself something to eat. I may not live a lavish lifestyle, where my husband and I travel all over the country, but all of my needs are met by him. I am grateful for him. Instead of moping over Cody’s absence, this morning I am grateful that he makes this sacrifice to put the eggs on my skillet.

I’m grateful for our marriage.

I’m grateful that we can pay the bills and still eat eggs for breakfast.

I’m grateful for our messy home.

Most of all, I’m grateful to my God. This verse really rings true to me today:

James 1:17 (MSG) Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light. There is nothing deceitful in God, nothing two-faced, nothing fickle.

It’s funny how He can move in my life with something as mundane as eggs. I am happy for the reminder, and will live today away from moping, and happy that I have all that I do.

Tell me lovelies, what are you grateful for today?

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