My Five DIYs for August

Hello, lovelies!

July was divine. Partially because I pursued a lot of my hobbies more. Although teachers don’t truly have summers off, I definitely took some “me” time in July. Though I didn’t even complete all of my goals for July, I thought I would sit down and share in inspirations for August. This month, I’m anticipating not having as much time to spare on my DIYs as I did in July. With several weekends filled with showers and a wedding, I’m even taking August off from the farmer’s market.

  1. Be Back to School Ready

In other words, I want my classroom to be ready to go. August 16th, there will be students in the desks, so whether I’m ready or not, School is Coming. I’ve been pinning some ideas on how to decorate my room, but now it’s crunch time to make it look nice and presentable. Although I try to keep my career out of this blog, I’m sure I’ll be implementing some DIYs.

2. Add to the Wall

Last week I started a wall in my kitchen based on farmhouse decor style. I’ve been so inspired lately to make farmhouse stuff with my machine, that I thought I would splurge on myself for once! This tray is the start to the wall, but my goal by the end of August, is to have it completely decorated!

3. Paper flowers

Have I mentioned I like all things floral? I’m looking at this DIY to spruce up my craft room AND my craft room, a left over goal from last month.

4. Welcome sign

Another goal with my machine, and another left over goal from July. Instead of taking on the whole porch this month, my goal is to add a 4 foot welcome sign to my porch!

5. Homemade Stickers

Of course, with back to school looming, it’s time for me to get a new planner. This year, I wanted to add some stickers of my own choice, without having to buy them. Of course, if it can be homemade, I’ll go with that. 😉

Back to school is coming (GoT pun intended)

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