Labor Day Crochet

Good morning, lovelies!

Hurricane Harvey has found Kentucky just in time for Labor Day weekend. I woke Saturday morning and felt fall at my doorstep. That’s not all I felt, though. While I love my job, this cold weather has left me with the crud. I have really enjoyed resting up this weekend.

I can’t help but think, although I feel pretty bad with what feels like a sinus infection coming on, the people in Texas have it a million times worse. My prayers have been with the people, and the first responders to the hurricane.

With this chilly weather, a cold is not the only thing Hurricane Harvey has brought to my little home. Saturday I woke up with a fresh inspiration to begin my seasonal crochet! Hobby Lobby, always my first go to, didn’t disappoint.

Over this weekend, I have curled up with my coffee, watched Harry Potter, and began a project for my living room! Here are the colors that I picked out for a throw, I think I’ll lay on my couch.

I can’t help but think, it will also be perfect for my ladder blanket! I’m going a little out of my comfort zone to try a two-stranded chunky ombre throw. The name doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

Calling all crafters: What are you making for Labor Day weekend?

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