Wood Ornaments

Hello, lovelies!

Tis the season!

I never considered myself one of those crazy Christmas people that counts the amount of Friday’s left until Christmas. When October rolled around this year, though, I was ready to put up my tree. Maybe because here in Kentucky it has been a little cooler than usual this fall, but lately I have had a lot of Christmas spirit in the crafts I’ve been making. Thus, I have decided between now and Christmas, I will be posting Christmas DIY’s on my blog!

Deck the halls!

To kick of my holiday craft-omania, I thought I would start off by sharing some wood ornaments I made.

These wood ornaments were super easy to make. Here’s how I did it!

S u p p l i e s :

  • wood disks from Amazon
  • wood glue
  • thin twine
  • vinyl + cutting machine
    • OR a holiday stencil of your choice
  • a drill bit
  • Modge Podge
  • black acrylic paint
  • two sponge paint brushes

Before Beginning

Cut out whatever design you want on your ornament, or find a stencil. Make sure your design isn’t too big for the wood disk you are working with. For me, I used scrap Oracal 651, and used different fonts to make my ornaments to give it each one uniqueness.

Step 1

Get your drill bit (I used a medium sized one) and find the best place on your wood disk to drill the hole. I preferred the hole in my ornaments, to be in the width of the disk, instead of a hole through the wood. At first I was scared that the bit would split the wood of the disk, but with a bit that is mid-sized, it leaves a perfect hole to glue your twine into later. That leaves more room for your design.

Step 2

Now that you have the hole drilled in your ornament, you’ll be able to tell what is center of your ornament. Apply the vinyl or stencil, making sure there are no air bubbles around the letters.

Step 3

Once the vinyl or stencil is secure, gently dab some Modge Podge onto your wood disk. This will help prevent the acrylic paint from bleeding into the wood. Let dry.

Step 5

Once Modge Podge is finished, lightly dab black acrylic paint over the vinyl/stencil. I don’t recommend brushing on heavily, because this may lead to the paint bleeding into the wood. When I do this, I barely wet my sponge brush with the paint, and just lightly dab it onto the wood. It really doesn’t take much. Let dry.

Step 6

Once the paint is completely dry, gently pull the stencil or vinyl. You will love seeing your design once it is finished! 

Step 7

Get some wood glue and put it in the drilled hole that you made in step one. Cut the twine and loop into the hole, to make the ornament string. You can choose to make the ornament string long or short. Let dry.

Ta-da! I love the slightly rustic look of these ornaments. They’re going to be a great addition to my tree this year!


What about my readers? Are you guys already in the Christmas spirit, or is it too soon? Please tell me I’m not the only Christmas enthusiast during the first week of November!

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