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Hello, lovelies!

With spring in Kentucky, there comes spring cleaning as well. If you know me, I’m not too enthused about that. Seriously, I have procrastinated tidying up my house for so long…especially my craft room! A part of putting off the dreaded task, has been making a tool to help me clean.

Cotton dishcloths are great for washing dishes and dusting furniture! My favorite dishcloths are crocheted with cotton, because dust and grime stick to the crocheted, textured material. Although not the most elaborate project to gift, they are very useful!

The dishcloths I have pictured, are made with a moss, or granite stitch. This stitch is a new pattern I learned, thanks to Moogly Blog! The dishcloths themselves measure 9in x 9in.

I adore this stitch!

When a good friend asked me to make her a couple as well, I wanted to add some packaging to it. This saying combines something that I love, and something that I hate: crafting and cleaning. The hope is that if it can bring motivation to me, perhaps it can to others as well.



This package can fit up to three dishcloths, and is easy to print and cut. Directions are included in the PDF. Just click on the picture below, and print. Or you can click here!


Since this is the first printable I have ever made for the blog, please feel free to give me some feedback in the comments below. These dishcloths are perfect for cleaning, now I just need to do it. Just take a look at this mess!

B  R  A  N  D  I     A  M  A  N  D  A



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