My New Hobby: Quilting

Hello, lovelies.

School is out for the summer!

With summer vacation just beginning, I am finally getting to share more about what I’ve been into and making lately. One of my new hobbies, obvious by the title of this post, is quilting.

Back in February, some friends from work and I got together to learn how to make a quilt. In Berea, there is a fabric store called Old Town Fabrics, and the owner, Rebecca Johnson, occasionally hosts quilting classes! She was an excellent, patient teacher. I really enjoyed learning from her and hanging out with my friends!

Growing up, I treasured my baby quilt, gifted by a dear family friend. It was blue and white, with floral patterns. Since learning how to sew when I was 12, I have always wanted to make my own! If you can’t already tell, I was an odd child.

The beginners quilt I made at the work shop was called Charm Pack Quilt. Compared to a professional, the quilt is a complete doozy, but I still love it and display it in my home!

Here is a quilt displayed at Kentucky’s Craft Fair!

Making a couple quilts has made me appreciate the process that goes into making a quilt. It takes time and patience, as well as precision to make a quilt. And money. 🙂 Quilting is not easy or inexpensive, but I have gained a huge appreciation for it. I also feel like I am a part of a long time tradition from the South.

Since beginning quilting, I have joined a beginner’s quilt group on Facebook, been following a few online sewing bloggers, and have subscribed to a few YouTube channels to help me out. Follow my Pinterest board, and keep an eye out as I share some of my favorite bloggers and vloggers that are helping me out with my new hobby!

B  R  A  N  D  I     A  M  A  N  D  A

PS: Brady is fascinated with my new hobby.

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