What Every Crocheter Needs For Travel

Hello, lovelies!

I’m currently writing this blog post in a cottage at Gulf Shores. Inspired by the two entire days it took me to pack for this trip, I thought I would share what I have found to be travel necessities when you are a crocheter.

1. Your Project

When I travel, I always bring a project. Have you ever heard of the saying, “If I can’t crochet, I’m not coming?” Yeah, that applies to me. For most trips, especially on airplanes, I try to keep my projects small: hats, scarves, boot warmers. For this trip, though, I’ve decided to make a swim suit cover up, which is a larger project. This required some designing, and at least two skeins of black I Love This Yarn…which means there might have been a stop to Hobby Lobby when we got to Alabama.

2. A Bag

With a project, you have to have a way to carry it. What’s better than a crochet bag? I hate throwing my projects in along with my other items (laptop, books, etc), so I made a bag specifically for my crochet project. Has anyone else ever heard of crojo? When is a better time to get your crojo on, than a 12 hour drive?

3.Your Favorite Crochet Hook

Comfortability is important when traveling, so you don’t want a hook you hate using on the road. I have fallen in love with using ergonomic polyclay hooks, which shape to my grip after some use. The hook I’m taking for this trip is 5.5 and is a rose gold with flowers from The Speckled Clay Boutique. It fits in my hands like a charm, and I can do most any project with the size. For an add on, after accidentally breaking one of my hooks, I travel with a hook case (also from The Speckled Clay Boutique), to keep my hook in good condition!

4. Scissors

So many times have I brought a project on a trip and realized that I needed scissors! When you crochet, you can get really resourceful. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cut yarn with my car keys. But when it comes down to it, a pair of scissors is always better. Recently, I’ve discovered embroidery scissors, which are small, sharp, and transportable.

Can’t bring scissors because you’re flying? Try nail clippers instead!

5. Yarn Needle

Like scissors, so many times in the past have I thought, “I don’t need this,” but when out and about, regretted leaving it behind! Bring your yarn needle just in case!

6. Stitch Marker

Most of the time, I live my life on the edge, and I don’t use stitch markers. On trips, though, I like to bring stitch markers in case I forget where I left off in my project, or to help me count my stitches. This stitch marker came with my rose gold hook.

Don’t have a stitch marker handy? When in a pinch, I’ll use bobby pins or different color yarn to help me mark my place!

Packing these and more will assure your crochet needs are kept, while you’re out and about. Whether I finish my crochet cover up before we leave, is to be determined, but at least I have a hobby I love, as I’m vacationing to this beautiful place!

B  R  A  N  D  I     A   M  A  N  D  A

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