Succulent Hanging Basket

Hello, lovelies!

It’s taken me a while to catch on to the succulent craze, but last week when I stopped by Lowe’s to pick up some hanging baskets for my front porch, I bought my first two succulents. I’m obsessed! I think they add a nice touch of color in any room…plus they’re kind of hard to kill. 🙂

Maybe inspired by the hanging baskets on my porch or pictures I’ve seen of succulents in hanging baskets, I thought I would try my own pattern of a hanging basket. I just so happened to use some leftover yarn from a previous project as well!

This is the perfect scrap project, and works up quickly.


  • Weight 8 chunky yarn OR pull three strands of medium worsted weight card to create the same weight
  • K hook.

Stitches Used

  • Chain
  • Single crochet (sc)
  • Double crochet (dc)
  • Slip stitch
  • V-Stitch: dc, chain 1, dc in the same stitch
  • Ribbed Stitch: sc in the back loop of the previous row


Pattern note: This fits a couple of medium-sized succulents that I picked up from Lowe’s. The measurements of the plant pot have a 3.5inch top and is 4inches tall. If you need to make the base of the hanging basket larger or smaller based on your plant, my recommendation is to increase or decrease the base rounds as noted. When you get to the V-stitch part of the pattern, you can increase or decrease those rounds as well.

In the case of these succulents, the base of the plant is smaller than the top.

In this pattern you will be crocheting in a round.

Base of Hanging Basket

Chain 2.

Round 1: Working in first chain, 6 sc. (6)

Round 2: 2sc in each sc from Round 1. (12)

Round 3: 1 sc in the first sc from previous round, then 2 sc in the next stitch. Repeat all the way around. (18)

Round 4: sc in the first 2 stitches, then 2 sc in the next stitch. Repeat. (24)

Round 5: Sc in the back loops (ribbed stitch) of each sc. Ending this row a little differently than the previous 2, slip stitch in the first sc.  (24)

Pattern note: This is where you can continue with the same circular pattern, adding an extra sc in between the 2 sc increase for each row. Ideally, the circle under the plant would stick out slightly from the plant container, like in the picture below.


Round 6: Chain 1. Dc in the next stitch. Chain 1. Dc in the same stitch. This is a V-stitch. Skip the next two stitches. Complete another V stitch. Repeat until reaching the first V stitch. Slip stitch into the first V stitch. (There should be 8 V-stitches total)

Round 8: Slip stitch into the middle of the first V stitch. Chain 1. Dc in the middle of the first V stitch from the previous round. Chain 1. Dc in the same V stitch. This completes the first V stitch of this row. Crochet the next V stitch in the previous row’s second V-stitch. Repeat across the round. Slip stitch in the first V Stitch. (8 V stitches)

Round 8-9: Repeat Round 7.

Pattern Note: If your succulent is taller or shorter, you can adjust the rows. This all depends on the dimensions of your plant.

Round 10: Chain 1. sc in the first dc of the first V stitch from Round 9. Sc in the chain 1 of the V stitch. Sc in the last dc of the first V stitch. Each V stitch should yield 3 sc. Sc across the round, which would end with 24 sc. Slip stitch in the first stitch. Do not cut off the yarn. 

Handle Instructions

To create the handles of the succulent holder, simply create a series of chains. This allows you to judge how long you want your succulent holder to hand. You can make the handle short or long! Once your chains are the desired length, pull the yarn and weave it in across the holder.

Pattern Note: My advice in creating the length of the handle is to make the chain handle slightly shorter than the desired length, due to the weight of the succulent stretching the handle.

I have really enjoyed making these, and can’t wait to release the free printable gift tag on Tuesday that would go with these perfectly! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep in the loop on my newest patterns and freebies! Below is a preview!


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