When I was little I often heard my mom say, “Brandi Amanda!” This of course was usually warranted by a mess I had made or a completely ridiculous idea that my  creative mind produced. Perhaps I left the kitchen sputtered with flour from the latest baking project, or maybe I dropped a few sewing pins in my carpet which found their way to my mother’s foot, but one thing is for sure: Brandi Amanda has always been equivalent to mess.

Here I am at 24 years old, a full time teacher, a director, a young newly wed, and a furbaby mama. This time, though, it is not the kitchen (most of the time) that is a mess. Its my whole personality. I am always five (or ten) minutes late, making goofy mistakes, buying what I need at the last minute, over committing my time, and sometimes it is days before I clean up my craft projects. Also, my car is always a mess. In the midst of my crazy personality I am surrounded by people that care and love me, so it just so happens I keep functioning.

I look around at my nappy fortune, and although there is some room to want for organization, I will always be aware of how I am blessed.

This blog is a place where I just want to share my creative ideas, my mess of a life, and my adventures of being a wife.


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