Online Sephora Mini-Haul {{vlog}}

Hello, lovelies! I usually don’t post about my shopping escapades, but I decided to share my experience shopping online at Sephora. Here is the video of all of my goodies and my experience. To sum it all up: from now on I will be buying my Sephora goods in the store, instead of online. DoesRead more

Planner Love+Resources

Hello, lovelies. I’m about to share a secret that some of my readers might not know: I am not an organized person. Now for those of my readers that know me personally, I’m sure you guys are nodding your heads and saying, “Well, duh.” My socks never match, my car is always a mess, IRead more

What’s in the Mom Bag?

Hello, lovelies! Sunday’s are one of my favorite days: church, family, friends, and football. “But wait Brandi,” you say, “It is summer and there is no football.” Guess again lovelies, because in this group of guys (AKA “The Bros”), the love of football is so strong that since there is no NFL in the summer,Read more