Snowman Ornament DIY


This is a cute gift I give to my loved ones before Christmas, that way they can put it to use before they have to put it to use before the Christmas decorations go down.

Last year I spent part of the year working at the national craft chain store Hobby Lobby (yes, I was there in the midst of the big Supreme Court decision). I worked there for six months before I decided I wanted to focus on school and substitute teaching. Being a craft fanatic, before I left I took advantage of my employee discount and stocked up on craft supplies before leaving. One thing I just had a hunch I would be using in the future would be Christmas ornaments. Sure enough, a year later, I am gifting some of these cute, snowmen ornaments that are quick to make.
These ornaments can easily be made with minimum leftover supplies. You can also make them as fancy or as simple as you would like. Here is what I used to make my snowman ornament:
  • Clear ornament (glass/plastic)
  • Glass pearl strand (I bought from Michaels)
  • Black scrap paper
  • Red ribbon (optional)
  • Orange-colored paper
  • Glue gun
First I filled the open ornament with the pearl glass beads. The top of the ornaments I bought could be easily pinched off. This is supposed to be a cute way to fill the ornament with “snow.”
Next I made the eyes. With my scrap black paper I made several circles  by using a hole puncher I had laying around. Using a hole puncher made the circles neat and round, however you could easily use good ole scissors to cute little circles for the mouth and eyes.
If you have scrap orange paper then more power to you to use that. However, I did not have any orange paper so instead I made orange paper! Grabbing an orange marker I colored a section of white paper and cut the ornament a nose.
This is where the hot glue gun comes in handy. Arranging the pieces on the snow man to create whatever face you want your snowman to make, very carefully dab a little hot glue to the back of each piece. Using too much glue will leave a smudge of dried glue so be careful not to over-glue!
Don’t over glue!
Last but not least add some decorative finishing touches on to your snowman. I wanted a big red bow for my snowman, but I could easily see scarf or a bow tie looking especially cute! This is the part where you can get creative!
For safety, since the ornament is holding semi-heavy materials, I hot glued the top of the ornament back on. Then tada!
These are so fun and easy to make. I would love to see your spin on it! Please share a link or a picture in your comments!


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