Shop Local Campaign: Cafe Meeples

Hello, meeples!

What is a meeple, you may ask? Well maybe I was living under a rock my whole life, but until Cafe Meeples opened their doors several years ago, I had no idea either.

 Meeple is a word combination of my + people.

Recently, I have been making an effort to give some coverage to charming small businesses in my area. For those of you that do not know what Shop Local Campaign is, check it out here!

Cafe Meeple is a stellar place to stop by any time you’re in Richmond, KY. Located in downtown, this restaurant is unique in that it is the only game-themed cafe in the entire state. When you walk into the cafe, you are greeted by friendly staff, and the answer to cure your boredom for many hours.

Cafe Meeples has an endowed selection of board games of all types, from the classics, to the professional’s favorites.

Want something good to drink? Go to Cafe Meeples.

Hungry? Go to Cafe Meeples.

Hankering to play a board game? Cafe Meeples.

Do you play Magic? Cafe Meeples!

I find this place so fascinating. Since they have opened, they have really expanded their menu. My favorite part is the different types of food. There are really an exquisite choice of creative entrees. Have you ever craved  beer cheese, Grippo chips, and bacon? Yep, that is a sandwich on their menu, called the Foxworthy. Their macaroni and cheese is to die for. Cody’s favorite is the Cuban. Recently they added an express lunch menu, that you can grab and go.  He and I love to treat ourselves to Cafe Meeples.

 Usually I school Cody in a game of Connect 4, although he won’t admit that I’m better at it than him. 
If you’re not that into board games, there is still a lot happening at this place that you can enjoy. Cafe Meeples has a variety of different events, such as jeopardy, pint nights, and college nights. Cafe Meeples really has a lot to offer, and they keep their events updated regularly on their website and Facebook.  

The atmosphere at this cafe is so fun and free. It’s really a place to let loose and not be judged for how excited you get over winning a game of checkers…or something more sophisticated.

Next time you are in Richmond you will have to stop by Cafe Meeples and tell them I sent you! When you do stop in, check their Facebook to see what kind of fun event, they are hosting for the night, or their special dish of the day.


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